Biome O' Plenty Los' Crates

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 DONT FORGET to comment, and send me a request for any other mod support ;)

Hi, I created this mod following a comment on curseforge, this mod is made for adding content to other mods, Biome O' Plenty, and Los. That being said, lets get right into it.

So, this mod  add not much things as that for the moment, it add more variants to Los stockers, wich are just barrels, theses variant are all the planks of Biome O' Plenty, like bamboo, or cherry... That may be usefull,

because Bop don't comes with chest in it !


 SO, There are all of the stockers (Los+Bop Support)




It add Bamboo, cherry, Dead Log, ebony, ethereal, eucalyptus, Fir, Hellbark, Jacaranda, Magic, Mahogany, Mangrove, Palm, Pine, Redwood, Sacred Oak, Umbran and Willow support ;) (spolier: that's all the variants ;))

This mod is finished, I'll go over different support mod, so just send me your wish ;)

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  • Actually adding every wood-type Stockers from Los (all variants from Biome O' Plenty)


Wow! This is an awesome addition to both LOS and BOP! Keep up the great mods! :D

yeah, its actally already 100 dl on curse, so on mcreator is not that important.

Thanks all, the single problem is that noone take care of this mod felling its just a mod like other Mcreator mods, but no, they are all craftable, with the Biome O' Plenty woods ...