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Published by Jacob752 on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 15:22
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Updated to 1.5! This removes the ability to smelt ores and cook food in the crafting table. If you want those abilities, play in 1.4. Also, 1.5 removed some blocks, so it might not be compatible with worlds in 1.4.


A WIP mod that adds a little bit of everything.


6 new ores: ruby, amethyst, amber, jade, apatite, and bedrock;

Seven different ranged weapons: AK-47, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Machine Gun, Flamethrower, Creeper Launcher, and a snowball cannon;

Two new dimensions: a dirt dimension and a cobblestone dimension;

The following materials now have armor, tools and weapons: Emerald, Lapis lazuli, Redstone, Quartz, Flint, Obsidian (just armor);

3 mobs: Golden Zombie, Notch, and Herobrine;

9 advancements;

3 new pickaxes: The Diamond Driller: breaks almost every block instantly, The Emerald Jackhammer: breaks every block (including bedrock) in a 3x3 area, and a melon pickaxe - regenerates half a hunger bar for every block you mine.

1.14 items and blocks: crossbow, barrel, and a smoker and blast furnace, which smelt/cook food and ores instantly;

Since I have removed the crafting recipes (see heading), I added 4 new "tables:" a compression table, a farmer, the smoker, and the blast furnace.

Gravel ores;

Multitools for every material;

Cooked flesh and spider eyes;

A flower that drops ender pearls;

The ability to craft paper from string;

Amethyst apples (gives you speed, strength, a health boost, absorption, luck, jump boost, water breathing, and night vision);

Amber apples (gives you Resistance 4 for 10 minutes);

An item spawner block;

A suicide command;

Over 20 naturally spawning structures;

A chest spawner -- like a lucky block, but spawns a chest from one of the following structures: a blacksmith, nether fortress, stronghold, woodland mansion, desert temple, dungeon, igloo, jungle temple, stronghold library, and a mineshaft when broken. Craft one with a chest and a diamond;

A command block spawner: when broken it will spawn a command block or a set of them that do certain things;

Two OP sticks -- a Baseball Bat, which has Knockback 10000, and a Game Crasher, which has Sharpness 10000 and Looting 10000. Find both of these in natural structures.

The ability to craft notch apples;

A music player;

A water and lava pickaxe, hold the lava one to have fire resistance, and the water one to obtain water breathing;

A duplicator: right click it with any item and it will duplicate, while dealing 3 hearts of damage to you;

A "Creative mode" block: right click it and it will change your gamemode;

Inverted bedrock: replaces only bedrock, and gives you bedrock when mined;

A secret crafting recipe for bedrock;

The Miner's Helmet: gives you Night Vision when you have it on (idea from Miner's Dream Mod, check it out here:

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Additional Information:

Ore tiers are as follows: wood, stone, flint, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, quartz, diamond, emerald, ruby, amethyst, amber, jade, and apatite.

Ruby tools and armor are very powerful, but have a limited durability.

All guns use iron nuggets as ammo, except for the machine gun and pistol, which use wooden buttons, and the snowball cannon, which uses snowballs.

AK-47 Crafting:

Sniper Rifle Crafting:

Pistol Crafting:

Large Machine Gun Crafting:

Flamethrower Crafting:

Creeper Launcher Crafting:

Snowball Cannon Crafting:

You can craft the igniter for the dirt dimension using two dirt anywhere on the crafting grid. 

Replace the dirt for cobblestone for the cobblestone dimension igniter.

All tools and armor are crafted normally.

Multitool Crafting:

Replace the emeralds with other materials to craft their respective multitools.

Paper Crafting From String:

Amethyst Apple Crafting:

Iron and diamond apples are crafted like golden apples.

Diamond Driller Crafting:

Replace the diamond blocks with emerald blocks to make the Emerald Jackhammer.

Item Spawner Crafting (It spawns naturally in the world from y = 64 to y = 128.):

Crossbow Crafting:

Barrel Crafting:

Amber Ore is harvest level 4, which means it can only be mined with an emerald or higher pickaxe.

Craft amber apples the same way you craft amethyst apples.

Jade ore can only be harvested by an amethyst or higher pickaxe.

The melon pickaxe is crafted normally, but uses melon blocks instead of a gem or ingot.

The music player is like a jukebox, but you don't need a diamond.

Also, I added 4 other songs made by Smoove Beats, check out his youtube channel here:

Music Player Crafting:

If you right click the music player with a stick, cobblestone, planks, or dirt, it plays one of his songs.

If you right click the music player with a record, it plays that respective song.

The duplicator is crafted with a block of ruby, amethyst, amber, jade, apatite, emerald, diamond, gold, and bedrock;

The Creative Mode block is crafted by 8 duplicators surrounding any mob skull.

Compression Table Crafting:


The compression table converts ores into others recipes are as follows: 3 iron blocks or 27 ingots --> 1 diamond, 3 iron ingots --> 1 gold ingot, 5 diamonds --> 1 emerald, 

3 emeralds --> 1 amethyst, 3 amethyst --> 1 amber, 3 amber --> 1 jade, and 5 jade --> 1 apatite. Each recipe uses 1 coal.

The farmer automatically grows seeds when you put them in with bone meal.

Miner's Helmet Crafting:




Version by version updates are available in the changelog tab.

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Please make any suggestions or report any bugs in the comments below.



Have a great day!




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More-Ores-1.12.2-v1.2.jar - Mod Download v1.21.36 MB
More-Ores-1.12.2-v1.3.jar - Mod Download v1.39.81 MB
More-Ores-1.12.2-v1.4.jar - Mod Download v1.49.92 MB
More-Ores-1.12.2-v1.5.jar - Mod Download v1.510.39 MB


First release


Added Notch, a very powerful boss mob that drops a diamond block when killed;

Added amethyst blocks;

Changed the ender flower to only spawn in forests;

Added lava that looks like water (called fake water);

Added a liquid that gives the player the wither effect (called void water).


Tweaked the spawning of Troll Stone;

Gravel Coal Ore, Gravel Diamond Ore, and Gravel Emerald Ore now drop experience orbs;

Gravel Iron Ore and Gravel Gold Ore now drop their respective non-gravel ores.


Tweaked Notch's spawning and armor;

Now able to craft amethysts from amethyst blocks (forgot to put this in the last update);

Added the rest of the tools to the mod creative tab.


Added redstone weapons and tools;

Added quartz weapons, tools, and armor;

Tweaked the golden zombie's health, damage, and spawning.

Amethyst ore now gives experience when mined;

Added diamond and emerald drillers (tools with max efficiency that mine almost every block instantly);

Added iron and diamond apples;

Updated the mod screenshots.


Adds an item spawner that drops a random item when broken. Can drop a diamond, emerald, amethyst, diamond block, emerald block, amethyst block, elytra, AK-47, flamethrower, or emerald driller;

Adds a suicide command which kills your player when /suicide is typed;

Fixed fake water, golden zombies, and notch's spawning;

Fixed the golden zombie's texture (hopefully);

Other bug fixes.


Fixed a bug which caused the item spawner not to drop anything;

Added recipes for the item spawner and the snowball cannon;

Updated the suicide command.


Added structure spawns

Added lapis lazuli tools and armor

Added amber ore

Added amber tools and armor

Added a chest spawner

Added Herobrine

Added barrels

Added crossbows

Added a recipe for notch apples

Added amber apples

Fixed textures and other bugs


Added amber block

Fixed structure spawning

Fixed textures

Updated screenshots


Added jade ore and block

Added jade tools and weapons

Fixed a bug which caused the crossbow not dropping an arrow after a missed shot

Added music player

Added melon pickaxe

Changed gravel coal ore and gravel diamond ore to not drop xp when broken in creative

Updated textures

Updated screenshots


Added apatite ore and block

Added apatite tools and armor

Added 9 advancements

Added the duplicator

Added water and lava pickaxes

Added a creative mode block

Added bedrock ore

Replaced the Emerald Driller with the Emerald Jackhammer

Fixed a TON of bugs

Redid the description


Removed some crafting recipes (too OP)

Added compression table

Added farmer

Added blast furnace

Added smoker

Added smooth stone (for blast furnace crafting)

Added Miner's Helmet

Added secret bedrock crafting recipe (shhhhhh!)

Fixed bugs.