Vibranium Mod (beta-abandoned)

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Minecraft Forge mod
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WARNING: Mod has minor problems!





This mod adds Vibranium Ore, that can be found in layers 1-16 of the overworld and it is rarer than diamond!

-Once you break the ore, you get a Vibranium Shard, which can be used for Vibranium tools and weapons! (pickaxe, axe, sword, hoe, shovel, have 6800 durability and can kill a zombie with one hit!)

-You can also make a Vibranium bow! (Made like a normal bow, just replace the sticks with vibranium shards, has 8000 uses)

-The new bow, however, requires vibranium arrows (can be made like a normal arrow, use a vibranium shard instead of flint)

-The Vibranium Block also exists! (just for aesthetic purposes)

-Would the mod be satisfying without the equivalent armor? Of course not! (It's stronger than diamond, worth crafting)

-Vibranium apple can be crafted out of 8 vibranium shards and a normal apple! (When eaten, heals all hunger bars and gives of 4 minutes of regeneration, speed and strength 3)





1: Vibranium ore will drop xp, even when broken by hand

2: Vibranium bow does not have animation (will be fixed)



In time, we will make it better!


New things will be added if requested! 


Please, if you enjoy this mod, suggest things that you want us to add in future versions. That would be deeply appreciated!


Modification files
VibraniumMod_(Version beta0.0.0).jar - Latest Version87.85 KB
VibraniumMod_(Version indev0.1.0).jar - Oldest Version (Has the fewest features obviously)82.63 KB

Version beta0.0.0

-Added Vibranium Apple (along with the recipe to obtain it)


Version indev0.1.0

-Added Vibranium Ore

-Added Vibranium Shard

-Added Vibranium tools (axe, pickaxe, sword, hoe, shovel)

-Added Vibranium Armor

-Added Vibranium Bow

-Added Vibranium Arrow (can be crafted out of a feather, a stick and a Vibranium shard, this recipe gives 12 arrows)