The Doge Mod

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A grand total of 53 elements this mod packs a punch! It adds many new items and areas in the game going from the overworld to the Doge Realm you will have lots of fun playing in this mod! Remember to give me feedback, its my first mod!

P.S. don't craft the Wowium Wand in your house

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
The Doge Mod_5.jar - Doges End Update4.09 MB

-Added Suchanium Pickaxe

-Made Suchium Armor OP


-Added new suchium realm

-Added new potion

-Added Suchium Crystal

-Added Floating Islands (Because thats OG)


-Added Dogeriail's Will Sword

-- Verypaite Update!

-added new material "Verypaite"

-added Renforced Stick

-New WIKI is is progress


--Doges End Update

-Added The Final Boss (Haha u thought it was Dogeamor)

-added Doge warriors

-Fixed Suchium Crystal Spawning

Nice mod :)
Please can you explain the features in more detail though, saying how much it adds isn't exactly very helpful.

I think it's one of the best beginner mods. And ITS original. I never seen a awesome wowium wand etc. I like it. 1 upvote

Hi guys I just posted A new forum topic for The Doge Mod 2 dev team!