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Published by aidanete on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 19:28
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Additional Stuff [Beta 1.1]

Enhance your Minecraft experience

Additional Stuff just adds a random bunch of things to enhance your Minecraft world. Provides useful items and blocks, as well as some fun or decorative. The mod has been tested many times and almost all bugs have been fixed. However, Multiplayer is currently not fully supported and might cause errors, but it will not crash.

Wiki (Beta):

Official Curseforge Page:

[!] Summary [!]

Here a list of all items and blocks and a brief description of its utility:

  • Wrench - Used by some items and blocks to modify their properties.
  • Coal Nugget - Just like coal but burns only 1 item per nugget.
  • Angel Boots - Prevents fall damage
  • Grassbrush - With some tallgrass in your inventory, you can transform dirt into grass. Has other secret uses :-)
  • Iron Spikes - Deals 1pt of damage to all entities which touch it. Doesn't destroy items.
  • Diamond Spikes - Just like iron spikes but doesn't deal damage when the entity has only a half heart left. Perfect for simpler mob farms.
  • First Aid Kit - heals the player, feeds it and removes any potion effects it has (even beneficial :/).
  • Infinite Water Bucket - A fancier way to have infinite water pools in your house. Acts as a block and you can place it anywhere.
  • Infinite Lava Bucket - Like the water one but with lava (it's more expensive to craft)
  • Gravel Killer - Just a normal diamond shovel but when you rightclick on gravel, it removes all the gravel in the same vein around it.
  • Elevator Pipe - Transport you up or down, the direction is changed right-clicking with the wrench.
  • Airglass - When on-air, rightclick to place a glass just below your feet, useful to start building directly on air.
  • Untouchable Glass - A tresspassable version of common glass.
  • Speaker (Kinda buggy when powered by redstone) - Plays a sound of your selection when right-clicked or powered by redstone. To set the sound, rightclick with a wrench and put the item that represents the sound you want (Actually a few sounds are available) 
  • Mob barrier - Despawns any entity that touches it. By default only despawns hostile mobs, you can change the target right-clicking with the wrench.
  • Magic Ore - It drops magic essence, you can craft magic gems, used for some craftings.
  • Crate - Block found on caves, breaking it will drop some random items, between them some un-craftable items and stuff of this mod.
  • Mana Crystal - Break it will drop mana, mana is used as fuel for some items in my mod.
  • Ender Wand - Shift-Rightclick on a block and it will set the teleport destination above it. Hit a mob with it and the mob will be teleported to the previously set destination. (The mob doesn't take damage)
  • Trash Can - Rightclick to open, set items in the slot and click destroy. Its function is self-explanatory.
  • True Bookshelf - A normal bookshelf but with a small inventory on it.
  • Metal Detector - Rightclick on any block and it will tell you how many ores are below it. (Needs fixing because it still doesn't detect the ores of my mod)
  • Miner Helmet - Provides you night vision
  • Miner Boots - If you have torches in your inventory, it will place them at you when the lightness is below 5. Perfect for going to caves.
  • Ender Chest Transporter - Shift-Rightclick on an ender chest, the item will grab it, rightclick with the transporter when filled and you can place it.
  • Calendar - Tells you the real Minecraft day of your world and it's not affected by commands or sleeping
  • Thermometer (Works strange) - Tells you the temperature at you.
  • Cotton - With this, you can craft wool. Crafted in the cotton fabricator.
  • Bait - Just a worm, more useful than you think.
  • Cotton Fabricator - Place worms to generate cotton.
  • Sickle - Break tallgrass and sometimes baits will be dropped, works better when raining or thundering.
  • Cobblestone Remover - No more annoying cobblestone in your inventory when mining. Destroys any cobblestone in your inventory, doesn't affect chests.
  • Cobblestone Puppet - Just wanders around, it's perfect for randomizing systems.
  • Flesh Block - Decorative block made by rotten flesh.
  • Marblestone and Basalt - A new overworld and nether ore. You can make very beautiful bricks.
  • Composter - Place bait and dirt to transform it into bone meal (It takes about 30 seconds to do that action)
  • Random Ore - When broken, drops a random mineral or item.
  • Hermes Boots - It makes you faster
  • Lightning Caster - An expensive block that strikes lightning when right-clicked or powered by redstone.
  • Cloud - Just a block that spawns on veins in the air of overworld, used for some craftings.
  • Recycler - Place redstone and a bunch of gravel, dirt or sand above it and click the "!" button. Each block has a chance of dropping some better items, you can place filters to select the relative y coordinate where items will be dropped.
  • Positive and Negative Filters - Means +1 and -1 respectively, used as filters.
  • Asphalt - When walking over it, makes you faster.
  • Shelf - A decorative block that is like a bookshelf but without any book
  • Fake Cobweb - It's a fake cobweb, it can't trap you or any entity.
  • Vile and Hallowed Cobweb - The vile traps players but no mobs and the hallowed traps mobs but not players
  • Gunpowder Barrel - Rightclick with a wrench to open its config, insert gunpowder. When powered by redstone it will explode with the amount of force you set it. Each gunpowder is 1 force more.
  • Poker Cards - Each one does something when having them in your off-hand, discover all 'em
  • Mystery Card - Rightclick with it and it will transform into a random poker card. It's dropped by clowns.
  • Clown - An enemy found on swamplands and deserts. When near, it will push you upwards.
  • Golden Coin - Just a vanity item, meant for currency for servers.
  • Flattening Blocks - It will flatten a squared area. Each tier it's bigger than the previous.
  • Scammer Killer - Doesn't hurt mobs except for villagers that will die once get hurt by this weapon, it randomly can drop emeralds when kills a villager.
  • Grappling Hook - Uses hooks as ammo. A ranged weapon that will teleport you where your projectile falls. A big chance of doesn't consume the hook.
  • Red Balloon - The same as the red balloon on my BalloonZ mod.
  • Umbrella - Makes you fall smoother and slower, prevents fall damage.
  • Extinguisher - Rightclick on-air or hit a mob to extinguish you/the mob
  • Toggling wand - Rightclick on a block with some mana in your inventory, some blocks will be transformed into others of the same type/tier.

More great items are to come!

[!] What's new in Beta 1.1? [!]

Updating to beta 1.1 has taken more than expected but I didn't want to continue this mod. However, I'm back and this new version adds tons of new items and more stuff, and a few old items have been modified.

You can see changes on the changelog.

Mainly, spikes has been changed. Support for Ore Dictionary has been added and suggested stuff, such as changing Mob Barriers has been also made. Mob Barriers will now only kill enemies with less than 50 hp, this is subject to changes, and even more while in beta. Fixed a lot of bugs also!

[!] Suggestions & Issues [!]

I also want to hear your suggestions for the mod. It's in beta, so great changes are just to come.

If you want to report an issue, don't doubt it, just do it. I need help to find all bugs possible.

Thank you for reading :D

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
additionalstuff-1.12.2-beta1.1.jar - Additional Stuff [MC 1.12.2] [Beta 1.1]1.11 MB
additionalstuff-1.12.2-beta1.jar - Additional Stuff [MC 1.12.2] [Beta 1.0]912.1 KB

Beta 1.0:

  • First Release

Beta 1.1:

  • Additional Stuff will now support ore dictionary.
  • Added golden and emerald spikes.
  • Added laser drills, handmade bedrock, bedrock nuggets and super concrete.
  • Added air dashes, inspired by the Power of the elements mod.
  • Added a megaphone with an interesting use.
  • Added iron coins.
  • Added solid air.
  • Added a dice, it will show you a random number from 1 to 6.
  • Added colored asphalt.
  • Added marble stone and basalt stairs.
  • Added choppering blocks.
  • Added grenades.
  • Added magic eggs
  • Added cobblestone generators.
  • Added scaffoldings (Not the 1.14.4 ones nor related to them.)
  • Added bleach.
  • Changed: Fire Extinguishers will now remove fire from a 10 block radius square around the player.
  • Diamond spikes crafting has changed. Also, its function has been changed. Detailed in the wiki soon.
  • Down-oriented pipes will now make you fall through them slower, instead of just avoiding falling damage.
  • Additional Stuff now will grant fully multiplayer compatibility.
  • Trash cans will now destroy instantly items placed on its slot, instead of having to press the "Destroy" button.
  • Mob Barrier no longer will despawn enemies with more than 50hp.
  • Crafting recipes for negative and positive filters has been changed and eased.
  • Fixed: Crates spawned floating on air on super flat worlds.
  • Fixed: Items like calendar or metal detectors showed up an integer number, but they show with decimals (1 will show up as 1.0). That will no occur after this version.
  • Fixed: A lot of bugs related to offset with coordinates. That will no longer occur. (This fix includes miner boots, air glass, surfacer wand, etc.)
  • Probably a lot of more changes and bug fixes have been made in this version, but I forgot about them.

Cool looking mod! Looks like you've spent a lot of time on it!

Very nice mod. I have swapped first and second mod pictures as white based pictures are not allowed for the main mod pictures :)

Great mod :D
I think you should make the mob barrier only available in creative mode, it basically kills anything

I think you should not be able to craft it at all, actually. Once you obtain it you basically have the power to remove any menace by just holding it in the hotbar and placing it whenever you want. This is just my opinion, so do what you think is good.

Hey dude I've been trying to make a grapple in the new version of Mcreator and no luck, care to share your secret?