CosmoCraft Los' Crates

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Welcome, to the CosmoCraft mod support (Los),

After a bit of talking with the creator, I have decided to create a mod support for CosmoCraft !

This mod support add stuff for 2 mods CosmoCraft, and LOS, it add stockers and crates, wich are basicly 2 form of stockage, stockers with a basic 27 slots inventory, and crates with 9 slots,

Here comes the images :D

Stockers and Crates

Stockers and Crates from the mod, and now, the customs gui ;)











    Sky Stockage here !




    Skywood Stockage here !

Sky Crate










    Sky Crate Gui's here !

Thanks to RockstarBonnet for his cooperation :D

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In development
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Modification files
Here it is !150.78 KB


Actually adding 4 blocks :

  • Sky Stockage
  • Sky Crate
  • Skywood Stockage
  • Skywood Crate


THANKS! :D +1 Upvote and Download :D BTW do you update it if I add new woods etc.?

Submitted by sssssh on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 21:12

Great job! This looks amazing!

Awesome :D
You'll probably have lots of people asking for custom crates now :D