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Ownership of this mod has changed, and this page may or may not be removed in the near future

Latest Version: 1.1-SNAPSHOT_0903

This mod has the ultimate goal of adding in new adventures and opportunity for players to be creative! From new ores and mobs, to new dimensions, biomes, and devices, expect to see many new features coming to your Minecraft world with this mod!

Official Page:

Downloads and Changelog available through the official page, as well as this post. My website contains older versions (and exclusive Snapshot versions), and a more user friendly page, whereas this post only contains the most recent version.

Check the changelog for specific updates and additions. If you have ideas or requests, let me know in a comment!

v1.0 - Never Ending Update

This update to the mod adds more features to the end dimension. There are new mobs present in the end and Draigath biomes, such as Ender Piglins and Drymes. Drymes will drop Sludge, a new material similar to slime, that makes you run faster while on top of it! You can also find the rare end trader in his home in the end or Draigath biomes, who you can trade some of your materials with for lots of emeralds, diamonds, or new materials.

Draigath Biomes are probably the biggest change to your minecraft world this update, adding a new end-stone soil, a new wood variant, and creating a place to hold all the new mobs and features from this mod. Go explore and test out all these new features!

Modification files
Venturesome v1.0.1 - MC 1.14.4.jar - Venturesome v1.0.1 - MC MB
Venturesome v1.1-SNAPSHOT_0903 - MC 1.15.2.jar - Venturesome v1.1-SNAPSHOT_0903 - MC MB

 v1.1-SNAPSHOT_0903 - 9/03/2020

  •  - Added Spirit World with exclusive blocks, biomes, and entities
  •  - Added Meditation Pillow, used to travel to the spirit world
  •  - Added Coaled Magma Block
  •  - Added Coalfoot Enchantment 

v1.1-SNAPSHOT_0818 - 8/18/2020

  •  - Added sound effects for each ability
  •  - Added Earth Pillar Ability
  •  - Added Earth Bridge Ability
  •  - Added Air Jump Ability
  •  - Added Fire Punch Ability
  •  - Added Lightning Strike Ability
  •  - Added Freeze Ability
  •  - Added Lemur Entity
  •  - Added Nation Robes
  •  - Added Boomerang
  •  - Added many advancements
  •  - Added Dead Sycamore Tree
  •  - Added Second Volcano Variant
  •  - Added Simple Wooden Tables
  •  - Added Temples for Air and Earth Nations
  •  - Added Draigath Door and Fence Gate
  •  - Revised Inventory Layout
  •  - Added Devbuild Feather (Left click for first pair of XYZ coords, Right click for second pair)
  •  - Added Devbuild Fill (/vfill <block>)
  •  - Added Devbuild GetFeather (/vfeather)
  •  - Added Devbuild Position Commands (/vpos1 - /vpos2)
  •  - Added Devbuild Replace (/vreplace <old-block> <new-block>)
  •  - Added Devbuild Hollow (/vhollow <block>)
  •  - Added Devbuild Help (/vhelp)
  •  - Added Small Meteor Crashes
  •  - Added Red, Green, Blue, Ender, and White Dragons and Eggs

v1.1-SNAPSHOT_0730 - 7/30/2020

  •  - Added Boulders
  •  - Updated Brand Colors to Green
  •  - Added Mud block
  •  - Changed Backpack to Item
  •  - Added Sycamore Wood Varient
  •  - [Bugfix] Fixed Draigath Sapling
  •  - Added Fountain Block
  •  - Added Ice Bricks and Smooth Ice Bricks
  •  - Added Floating Ice
  •  - Added Fly and Firefly Entities
  •  - Added Cattail Plant in Swamp Biomes
  •  - Added Desert Lily
  •  - Added Juicy Cactus in desert for food
  •  - Added Elemental Scrolls
  •  - Added Element Symbol Blocks

v1.0.1 - 5/5/2020

  • Added Draigath Saplings
  • Fixed End Trader structures, and revised them
  • Added Achievements
  • Changed Ender Piglin and Ender Piglin Pirate spawn rates and speeds
  • Updated Ender Piglin Pirate model

v1.0 - 4/27/2020

  • Added Draigath Biome (Will be moved to the end dimension in the future)
  • Added Drylium
  • Added Draigath Wood Variant
  • Renamed "Purple Leaves" "Draigath Leaves"
  • Added Dryme Mob
  • Added Sludge and Sludge Block
  • Changed Creative Tab Icons
  • Added Venturesome Miscellaneous Tab
  • Added End Trader
  • Added End Trader House Structure
  • Added Cobalt and Special Dust (Not redstone-functional yet)
  • Added Ender Piglin
  • Added Ender Piglin Pirate
  • Cold Stone and Volcanic Stone can now replace cobblestone in recipes
  • Added Amethyst Ore, Block, and Item

v0.9.1 - 4/8/2020

  • Fixed Gold-Titanium Alloy Recipes
  • Removed Deer, Venison, and Food Tab
  • Added Cobblestone and Stone Brick walls for stone variants
  • Added Steel Fence
  • Added Amber Mineral (Ore, Block, Tools)

v0.9 - 4/7/2020

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.14.4
  • Removed Blast Furnace and replaced actions with Recipes
  • Removed Old Blacksmith Structure
  • Reorganized Creative Inventories
  • Fixed /head Command
  • Stairs and Slabs now in new MCreator default Models
  • Revised Command Message Colors
  • Updated all Armor and Tool Textures
  • Added Emerald Light
  • Officially Added Colored Leaves (Only in Creative)
  • Removed Bear Mobs
  • Re-planning Future Updates

v0.8.5 - 8/5/2019

  • Updated Blast Furnace Model
  • Updated Blast Furnace Recipe
  • Updated /head Command
  • Added Blocks for All New Ore
  • Added Copper Wire
  • Added /structurebase Command - Spawns in a building base for the biggest custom structure size, with the height and center marked
  • Added Old Blacksmith Structure Spawn

v0.7 - 8/4/2019

  • Changelog includes dates for versions 0.7+
  • Updated Sapphire and Ruby Ore Textures
  • Added Command "/head <PlayerName>"
  • Added Copper, Tin, Bronze, Ilmenite, Ilmenite-Titanium Alloy Ores and Ingots
  • Added Steel and Titanium Ingots
  • Added Blast Furnace


  • Updated Armor Model Textures
  • Updated Custom Block Model Inventory Designs
  • Added Backpack (Acts as a chest)
  • Added Volcanic and Cold Stone variant Stairs


  • Removed Sapphire and Ruby based Structures
  • Added Volcanic and Cold Stone variants
  • Added Volcanic Biome w/Volcanos
  • Added Volcanic and Snowy Dungeons
  • Added Creative tabs


  • Added Sapphire and Ruby Ores
  • Added Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby Tools and Weapons
  • Added Sapphire and Ruby based Structures

So there will be a adventure that sends you into a adventure that sends you into a adventure that sends you into a adventure that sends you into a adventure. That *ends* there? 0: