Project: K.A.V.E

Published by liseczeq on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 12:31
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Not complete yet (Just a little teaser)

-Will be merged with MCREF


Modification for all things cavey!

> BASALT BLOCKS! Harder than stone, generates in depths of the caves.

> MINING PACK (tm)! Gives useful effects for mining! 

     - Crafting:

> EXCAVATING EXPLOSIVES! Get ready to burn your PC with this!

> HASTE MODULE! Insta break blocks for several seconds!

    - Crafting:

Project status
In development
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KAVE 0.05.jar - Really alpha version56.85 KB

I like it :D Lots of potential in this mod. Excavating explosives are something really needed to make mining easier.