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This mod was created by Shadowdragon019 and is a survival mod. This mod is also my first, in development. so things may not work as intended. There's a lot planned for this mod (ex. a boss, more mobs etc.) and i'm also willing to take suggestions and will give credit where credit is due (:


Have you ever thought: "I wish the wither was expanded on it has so much potential!"? No?! Well have you ever thought: "I wish there was another dimension in Minecraft! I'm so used to the other ones!"? You have? Good! Well you can keep your collar bone! Well this mod, MoreWIther solves both of those dreams!

In MoreWIther you get a new dimension, the Withered! It's extremely dark and there are Wither zombie and skeletons hiding in the shadows ready to kill you and take you items! You may think: "I just need to get some diamond armor!" And you are exactly right! Your gonna need that for mining down to Ribum ore! Once ya got it smelt it down to ingot then put it in some lava! (lava bucket, don't actually throw it in lava) Make some armor and weapons then your ready to explore! Can you find Jim? Don't eat him!


In total MoreWIther adds:

 - Adds 14 New Items!

 - Adds 10 New Blocks!

 - Adds 4 New Tools!

 - Adds 1 New Armor set!

 - Adds 2 New Weapons!

 - Adds 1 New Biome!

 - Adds 1 New Dimension!

 - Adds 1 New Mob!

 - Adds 1 New Food!

 - Adds 1 New Structure!


What I plan to change/add

 - Add new boss

 - Update the logo

 - Enchanting orbs???

 - More jewelry


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Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
MoreWIther v1.0.2.jar - v1.0.2 Third version of the mod 1.12.2277.51 KB
MoreWIther v1.0.1_0.jar - v1.0.1 Second version of the mod 1.12.2247.8 KB
MoreWither.jar - v1.0.0 First version of the mod 1.12.2246.14 KB


 - Decreased Wither bow damage (was OP before) and increased durability (from 100 to 448)

 - Added Wither bow and Wither arrow recipes

 - "Nether coal ore" is now "Nether wither ore"

 - Nether wither ore now drops "Wither dust" instead of "Wither coal"

 - Removed old way and added new way of getting Wither dust

 - Added new way and removed old way of getting Wither coal

 - Made it in general easier to make the Withered portal (the new dimension)



 - Added Wither door and slab along with recipes

 - Added a structure that spawns in the Withered

 - Added Jim the dead! "Jim the dead?" "I may be a clone!"

New Items: Withering Heart, Wither Soul, Wither Arms, Wither Brain, Wither Body, Wither Legs. (Theses are all used to craft the next item) The Humanoid Witheren[<--- Is name of the item that spawns it and not the actul boss name] (Spawns in, a new boss Im bout to suggest) Non Burning Bowl

New Tools: Wither Infused Dragon Egg (A nether star, but dark shade of a ender dragon egg, and of the nether star outwards parts make a sword.) Skulls Tools

New Armor: Soulsand Armour, that gives you regen and strength.

Biome: Lost Souls, Darken Skulls and Arisen Withen.

Dimension: Wither Town (A Structure will spawn all over there, in that dimension.

New Boss: True Wither, made from the stuff earlier.

Food: Grinded Sand, Netherrack Soup, Devils Star.

Grinded Sand: (Custom Item Grinder or somthing) + Soulsand

Netherrack Soup: 4 Netherrack, Non Burning Bowl, Wither skull and a quartz

Devils Star: A, nether and flint and steel.

Thanks, Im testing your mod right now. . The wither bow is OP, and it shoots incorrectly its sideways. The axe does more then the sword, btw. I could not find any of the nether coal. Your armor and tools make the with ez. But, it cost a nether star to make the battle axe.

One more suggestion: You know the Exp Ring Thing, you should add a recipe where, you make it give you exp at a higher rate!