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After seeing Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons beeing Motw, it happend again... I wanted to proof myself... if I can do that too - Dungeon Generation.
So that´s what I came up with:

- dungeon entrances will spawn in the overworld
- dungeons generate floors, crossings and small or bigger dungeons/arenas
- in the dungeons generate random spawners of strong zombies or chests with random loot
- loot gets better if you go deeper in the dungeon
- breakable netherbricks (uses a custom model and minecraft textures to be compatible with texturepacks)
- the strong zombies are... HARD, so don´t go in there if you are not covered with diamonds, it´s better to install mods which add better armour and weapons etc.

I don´t know if I will update this mod often because I simply have no time and when I have some freetime, I want to do other stuff.
I guess I will update it, when MCreator adds new awesome features, that I want to try out.


Well, I made it easy for me to add new structures and dungeons. If you are interested in helping me with building new structures, write it in the comments, than I will take some time and write down here what to care about for building.

For the case you like my dungeons mod, are creative and want to help me adding new structures, this guide is for you ;)

Well, my mod uses custom blocks to place spawners and chests with loot. These custom blocks delete itself after they completed their task so you need to use the creators version of this mod. In this version the auto generation is disabled. You can find the creators version in the downloads.

You will also need this mod: Limitless Structure Blocks

Do this command in Minecraft: /give @s dungonmod:forcreators
This gives you the CreatorMenu item -> Rightclick it = opens menu. Now you can give you all important blocks, or spawn empty dungeons / tiles where you can build your stuff in ;)
Spawning could need a few trys because sometimes there are some parts missing...

Don´t change the size of the structures and don´t replace the bottom, wall and top with other blocks. Ok, yes you can replace a few of them but the main block for ground must be:

- Netherbrick

for the top and walls

- Stonebrick

this is important for the dungeon generation to prevent wierd generation...

The Blocks Explained:

Breakable Netherbrick: Breaks - funny right?

Spawn chest block: Can generate a chest which will be placed besides the spawner block in the direction what the direction of the spawnerblock says.
Chest will face to the spawnerblock.

Spawner blocks: Can generate a spawner. Will replace the spawner block with mobspawner, otherwhise replaces the block with the block under the spawnerblock.

Generate Entrance block. Will generate long stairs down directly under this block.

When you are done with building simply save with the structure blocks.


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