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Welcome to DerbyCraft, a mod made by yours truely Finemanederby & DarkAssassin.

Before Installing this mod, we highly recommend downloading (JEI (Just Enough Items) Mod) You should also download the Guide to better understand the recipes & blocks uses in the mod.

This mod includes improvements to the Overworld, Nether & End. Granted most improvements are found in the Overworld. Some in the Nether and very little in the end. We plan to add more to these dimensions in future updates.

This mod is also a continuation of the Nether-X & Toilet Mod. The Toilet Mod had been given a new set of fancy models, while the Nether-X Mod has been expanded upon with new mobs, ores and structures.

We are open for suggestions. Please leave your ideas in the comments down below.


Derby's Farm: We have added some new plants to the game, with these you can create a nice batch of food & drinks. The foods are here to give the player a bigger variety of food to choose from. These foods also give a reasonable amount of saturation to the player (Based on the size of the food). The drinks on the other hand are mostly alcohols which give the player effects which would relate to said drink of choice. The way to make these drinks are based on real life counterparts but much more scaled down for gameplay enjoyment. We have also added a new block (The Seed Maker) to Improve farming as a whole. For more information, please refer to the Guide.

Derby's Nether: The Nether has always been bland and outdated. We wish to improve that with this mod, some mods already have, but this is our way of improving it. We have added new ores and mobs. These ores are to improve and add new armor sets into the game, as well as tools. They also have alternative uses which is explored upon in the Guide. The armor is just as simple as it sounds, some may even give the player effects upon wearing them. (Which we plan to expand upon in the future)

Derby's End: The End is boring, empty & unexciting, what more can you do? Not much is added to the end, other than some ores. We want to make it more exciting but we need ideas. We need the End to expand, become something that the player can explore and not feel bored when venturing out. We are short on ideas for this and we want you to help us come up with something to improve it. Please leave some suggestions down below if you wish.

Derby's Models & Textures: The Block Models in the mod are made by DarkAssassin, while the Mob Models are made by me, Finemanederby. The textures are a combined effort between the two of us. We usualy talk with eachother over calls about how we want things done, clear communication is something you Need to have when working with someone, it becomes of great help and overall improves the quality of what you do.

Derby's Plans: We plan to add a ton more to the mod over time. Most things we want to add require Mcreator to upgrade to Minecraft Version 1.13 inorder for this to happen. As much as we wish we could get these out, we can't. Some of the features are ready to be put to play, however we are waiting for its release to 1.13 since some of the needed Mobs/Items/Blocks are not in 1.12.2

  • Sushi (salmon, cod, ahi)
  • Sea horn (made with gold, nat shells, and the heart of the sea) (summons prismatic defenders) 
  • Trident recipe using Prismatic Iron
  • Phantom Totem (levitation when in off-hand and slowfalling when in main-hand) 
  • A whole ton of mobs
  • Dark Magic
  • Corruption Biome (based off of terraria) with corrupted wood and mobs
  • Lots of stuff with bacon
  • More infusion table recipes
  • More Soulstone Uses (Mob Souls?)


Bugs: Every mod has a bug or two, this is no exception. As of now, here are some of the bugs that we have found within the mod.

  • Structures, such as an Oasis, Cannible Hut, Pigman Castle (Overworld & Nether) will spawn off centered, causing them to float above ground.
  • When placing certain blocks (For example, the Basket & Toilet) When the block updates (When it completes its task or is right-clicked) it will rotate itself to face the direction - North.
  • Bears don't attack wolfs
  • Some New Acheivements don't work when the task is completed
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