Quantum Craft

Published by DaModdeXd on Tue, 08/27/2019 - 00:26
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Quantum Craft 1.3.7 beta:Bug Fix, Biomes, Mobs and Ores update.

Quantum craft is a mod that contais mobs and ores, these ores has powerfull habilities that allows you to make diverse tools. This update is UNSTABLE, if you want it be sure of not having it in your "survival" or preciated worlds with this update, have comfort with 1.3.0 QC, if you want this update download, is for informating me of some bugs.

I recommend Just Enough Items (JEI) To know how to craft tools and other many things


-Quantum Soul (BOSS): Is the most fast enemy of the mod, be carefull he could be a nightmare.

-Darkness (BOSS): A little ghast that has incredible powers. (PROBABLE BUGS)

-Quantic Supporter: It attacks you, you cant attack it with arrows or directly attacks, like the protonium creeper but with the arrows exception, just throw him a potion (PROBABLE BUGS)

-Electronium Creeper: Fast, and very dangerous creeper, watch out, it can bee hard to kill (SAFE)

-Zkorpio: This mob is like the cousin of quantum soul, just that is like a spider, this mob can kill you even with one piece of Schodinger's armor, hes not fast.

-Protonium Larv: is peacefull and happy larv (it can look gross), but it can be breed!, this mob scapes of the other ones.

-Protonium Creeper: Is a slow mob, it can look very easy to defeat, but dont be fooled, he is most dangerous than you can see.

-Quantic Warrior: Is a warrior that uses a single electronium sword, is fast and you should sleep in nights, he stalks some spiders, and fight with skeletons, just dont fight with him if you are starting in your world!


-Electronium Ore

-Protonium Ore

-Neutronium Ore

-Schödinger's Ore

-Muon Ore

-Tau Ore

-Graphene Ore

-Uranium Ore

-Hydrogen Ore

-Strange Quark (SQ) Ore

-Cobalt Ore

-Plumb Ore





-Graphene Meteorite

-Zkorpio Base

-The Tower


-Electronium Dimension

-Protonium Dimenison

-Neutronium Dimension

-Schödinger Dimension

-Sub-Atomic Dimension


-Siberia Remants (NEW)

-Radioactive Biome


Short Explanation About Mod And Other Features

Quantum craft has different ores you can discover in your world and too some estructures this mod is the definition of OP you can have this mod with no worries about kill everyone easily and being inmortal there are mobs in this mod to make your life impossible even with the most powerfull armor.

In this update that is like a test one, i added a special block, the reader, it is like the manual of the mod to teach you crafts but for now it is in W.I.P, if you craft it, then, it will be a waste of time, well if you want to test it.

Added cobalt ore and plumb ore, the cobalt ore can be found in the nether, while the plumb ore in the overworld being very constant to see its kind of difficult to see, this plumb ore is like a special fuel and a form to make massive gunpowder, while the cobalt ore can make a "special weapon" discover it, its very fun.

Added too some advancements, changed IA of mobs and generation of ores, REMEMBER this update is very UNSTABLE, download it for testing..

Thank you!

If you liked this mod check out other mods of mine, thank you!



I hope you enjoyed this mod, leave a suggest or a glitch / error, It will be well appreciated!

Be waiting for next update!

(Quantum Craft 1.0.5 Is not longer supported)

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Nice mod :)
I would recommend saying how to get to the dimensions though, because players can't just find this out with something like JEI.

Hello, here DaModdexd.
Im taking a break for the next update of this mod, im planning to add more structures and mobs.
And for the "reader" it will be now for only recipes.

I will leave some mobs/structures names.
-Trident Monument
-Siberian Base
-Eidolon Base

Thank you.