Techcraft/bits and bobs 2

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This mod adds


wire (for making phone and other stuff)

motherboard (for making phone and other stuff)

battery (for making phone and other stuff)

phone (can make sounds order food and drinks and more)

handycopter (makes you fly with rightclick)

jump boots (make you jump higher)

pizza (is good)

delivery drone (hit it to get the item)

recipe book (gives you all crafting recipes in the game)

sushi (is very good)

chainsaw (good at chop)

apple Juice (speed)

melon Juice (haste)

flesh (made from rotten flesh)

cooked flesh (cook the flesh)

corrupted phone (can summon corrupted drone)

corrupted drone (defeat it to get the pet drone table)

pet drone table (rightclick to summon pet drone)

pet drone (attacks enemies only follows you with red buttons)

red button (put t in your hand to make your pet drone follow you take it out of your hand to put it into attack mode)


I hope this modification is entertaining

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1.0 released

Nice mod :)
You might want to put a little more detail into your textures though. Look at vanilla Minecraft textures for inspiration!