Underground Expansion (UPDATE SOON)

Published by Tracks on Wed, 09/04/2019 - 22:59
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Hello, my name is Tracks and I am a recent person on this website. I threw together a mod that completely revamps the underground to make it very intriguing and fun to explore. With 20+ new ores and 8+ new types of stone variants, the caves you explore are sure to awe you. This mod will receive content updates as long as I keep my school schedule up to date. Other than that I hope you guys enjoy the mod I created because the 160+ mod elements I added took ages to put together. I will post reminders on my profile to let you know when I update the mod in a couple days/weeks. I am releasing a new update for the mod soon. I am adding uses for all of the metals which currently have none.

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Latest supported Minecraft version

The mod is currently undergoing more development but in the long run most of it is complete.

Cool mod :)
I'd just recommend you make your ores have the stone background (assuming they spawn in stone) so that they fit better :)

I added the different stone color on purpose so players can tell which ores are new. Or if they are playing a mudpack they can tell which ores are from this mod. Thanks for the feedback though

Submitted by Tracks on Wed, 09/11/2019 - 21:09

Hey thank you guys for the support, there will be a new update soon and yes I will change the stone background :)