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MOD BEING FINISHED EARLY!. Sorry guys but i am finishing this mod early because theres not that much else to add i added all of the stuff that i feel was nessasary to add i love this mod and working on it but i want to end it to work on more of my ideas for mods this mod will still be able to be downloaded when ever you want tho. bye

Adds Clarence and Other Characters from the show into minecraft All from the show Clarence (This Mod is Work In Progress) The Skins are not made by me but i edited them to work on 1.7.10 but i made the item textures

Funnest on Map(Not made my me!):

Mod Info

Clarence Wendle (Peaceful) (Attacked by Belson) (Drops Jeffs Fries)

Jeff Randell (Peaceful) (Attacked by Belson) (Drops Books)

Ryan Sumo (Peaceful) (Attacked by Belson) (Drops Sticks)

Belson Noles (Hostile towards Players Villagers, Clarence Sumo and Jeff) (Drops 2 experience) 

Gilben (?!?!?!)

Jeffs Fries (Restores 5 Hunger Bars)

Mystery Pinata (W.I.P)

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Modification files
Clarencecraft Alpha 2 V2.jar - Clarencecraft Alpha 2 (Final Realease)209.42 KB

Alpha 1. Mod Uploaded

Alpha 2. added Better AI More Mobs More Items/Food

September 12 2019. Mod Finished

if you dont know what clarence is then you can find it on hulu or cartoon networks site for more info about it you can see its wiki at