Imagine SW - a Star Wars mod

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A Star Wars mod for vanilla

"After a deal goes bad, you are captured and scheduled for termination aboard a starship high above the desert wastelands of Tatooine.

Dodging the executioner's blast, you bail out. Presumed dead or soon to be, you are now stranded and forgotten."


For use with texture pack -

This mod is meant to be role-played and was created for fun. It gives a Star Wars feel without breaking or confusing vanilla logic, eg items are renamed and tweaked but still identifiable and function the same, textures are updated in places but still have the same colours. This should mean it’s easy to play and enjoy as a vanilla player.

I recommend using positioned mid/left as it adds to the rpg element (sci-fi scanner). There is space for it on the hud as I use it myself.

  • There are 8 planets and no default overworld.
  • Each planet is a single (parent) biome.
  • You start on the desert planet of Tatooine.
  • Set the mod resources to load above texture packs.


  • Custom mobs: jawas, trandoshans (bossk), tuskens, stormtroopers, scout troopers, greedos, wampas, banthas
  • Vanilla hostile mobs are disabled except illagers.
  • Weapons: E11 blaster & redstone ammo
  • Dimensions: tatooine, hoth, ilum, naboo, endor, kashyyyk, dagobah, kamino - each is a SINGLE vanilla biome.
  • Items: modified weapons and armour (E11 blaster, vibroblades etc), mandalorian armour. Navigation computer block, navigation data items, recall device, recall backpack.
  • Language: Loads of items renamed to be from SW universe.
  • Textures: Texture pack compliments vanilla should shouldn't break existing builds and still "makes sense" with theme and colours.
  • Structures: Huts, empire lookout posts, landing bays, moisture farm beacons, ruins,

Lightsabers? There are no lightsabers. Why? I felt theyre overpowered and would ruin the core function of vanilla.

A blaster can be obtained from mobs, using redstone as ammo.

Again, I’ve kept the core vanilla function, most hostile mobs spawn at night however, they stick around in day too.

Armour is all mandalorian styled with the models made invisible (at the moment). This is so your SW skin (preferably) can be seen and not covered by armour.

Renamed items are authentic to the SW universe.

For travel, craft a flight computer. Build your ship around it. It is your ship’s central computer. Placing this block sets your home planet. You start your journey on Tatooine.

  • There are 8 Navigation Data cards
  • Use them on the flight computer.
  • Your ship will drop you on the requested planet.
  • Your ship will return to your home planet (it parks there, always)
  • Craft different “navigation data” cards for travel to other planets. - The recipes are book, map, special item (related to planet) in a vertical column.
  • You can craft a “Ship Recall” device, and “Recall Backpack”.
  • Use the device on the pack (place the block) to send a signal to call your ship.
  • Your ship will collect you and return to your home planet.

Credits: Zpej @ Planet Minecraft for Stormtrooper and Scout Trooper skins.

halucid @ Planet Minecraft for Chewie/Wookie skins.

Silverduke  @ Planet Minecraft for Greedo skin.

_x_bow_ for Gammorean Guard skin.


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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This is still a vanilla ENHANCEMENT. It's aim is to still play Minecraft as it was intended but with mods to just allow you to feel it's set in star wars.

So much work done. Spawn rates are a nightmare and so difficult to manage.

Natural spawns when you remove default mobs just don't work so I've had to find a workaround to force mobs to spawn. Hopefully the experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Please let me know any problems.

I've currently removed all structures as they just didn't seem to be natural and flow with gameplay. Also the structure spawns are difficult to get right and look natural over varied terrain. I have ideas to make most structures floating as it fits with star wars but they need to always feel random so you can see why there aren't many structures in vanilla!

I've moved most hostile mobs to be night spawning as per vanilla. All vanilla hostile mobs are still removed (despawned when they spawn). This is what messes with the spawn rates so I've improvised.

Tatooine is a difficult starting location but it's fun.

Dagobah for reference is set to always be night for ambience so this messes with clocks.

Added Frozen Steve Carbonite decorative blocks which add the hunters XP boost :)

Shield generator blocks to add/remove an energy dome around you.

Trapdoors, Stairs, etc


12/03/20 New player spawn bug fixes.

11/03/20 Fixed wampa spawns, added shield generator (with recipe)

10/03/20 Tauntauns, wampa and sounds for vortices

08/03/20 So many updates to get this into a playable state. More mobs, spawn rates, textures and items, logic fixes etc.

29/02/20 Added custom ewok, jawa and battledroid models with new textures. New blocks added and some vanilla blocks updated to new textures - doors, iron etc.

25/02/20 Added new (custom) Viper Probe Droid and Gonk Droid entity models.

22/02/20 Added more structures and tweaked others. Edited tatooine world. Some name changes, behaviour changes.

21/02/20 Fixed some bugs. Added new structures and R2D2 block with recipe (decoration).

19/02/20 Fixed respawn bug (set player spawn location on startup).

 - added recipe for Flight Computer (in case you lose it) but game only supports the active use of one.

19/02/20 Fixed transportation bugs and streamlined code.

19/02/20 Added "Data Tome" for new players or use "give imagine_sw:datatome" which contains the full readme and recipes needed.

19/02/20 Awaiting for permissions to use the textures from various sources. All have been contacted and I’ve had no response yet.

To do: More structures, lootable debris, add navigation data for Mustafar (nether based).

150 is't much my mod have about 600 elements but this is insane
nice textures and models