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the magic x mod is, of course, a magic mod right now it has 39 mod elements and took about 2 weeks to make I'm planning to add more spells there are 2 sides so far dark and light there are 4 spells so far well per side there are 4 for dark and 4 for light i hope you will enjoy the mod also for crafting install jei that will help a lot the 2 side are like elements but they not 


now if you want to know about the spells here: 


dark spell 1 = boom

light spell 1 = light 

dark spell 2 = delete torch and invis light  

light spell 2 = lighting 

dark spell 3 = boom + lighting 

light spell 3 = lighting + light 

dark spell 4 = flight + power 

light spell 4 = flight + heal



Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
magic x (v 1.5).jar - magic x v1 (i know it says v 1.5 but its v 1)181.42 KB
magic x (v 1.6).jar - magic x v1.6 181.43 KB

magic x v1.6 

fixed dark magic spell 1 recipe 

Nice mod :)
Could you possibly explain what the mod adds in a little more detail though?

Nice mod
You could make that the more you use light/dark spells, the more you get good at using them and worse at using the opposite faction's spells