Much needed cave extention

Published by ThorPDough on Tue, 09/17/2019 - 15:33
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The goal of this mod is to make caves a little more interesting.


the mod adds:

  • a treasure chest that gives more loot when broken with fortune
  • a mushroom that grows when bonemealed (not in the right location though, need help with that)
  • pebbles
  • iron pebbles
  • stalegmites and stalegtites

all are meant to generate underground,

sadly I don't know how to make them only generate on either the bottom or the top of the cave and I would like some help with that.

Modification files
Much needed cave extention v0.1.jar - version 1 for 1.12.2118.37 KB

added stalegmites and stalegtites, added treasurechest, added pebbles, added bonemeal on muschroom, added mushroom, added iron ore pebbles.

I would, but the strutures don't actually generate in caves yet, only underground incased in stone. for the treasurechest it's fine but I think you would get dissapointed if I made one for 1.7.10. But I will make one if I know how to fix the problem

Good mod :)
If the blocks are generated as blocks with ore mechanics, you could add a procedure to "when block added" to check which block is air and which stone to make them generate properly (if this is what you meant in the description)

to make them generate only in caves set this block can replace cave air. This would only work for ground based blocks, by setting them affected by gravity so they fall to the floor.