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This small mod adds:

Three bosses:
-The weak protector, he is strong, but you're stronger.
-The Monolith flies and shoots at you. Can only be killed using a bow.
-Gosar the Corrupted is tall, strong and drops a lot of loot. End game gear recommended.

Two new weapons
-The ionised sword crafted using an iron sword and ressources found in the silent forest.
-Same goes for the Ion bow.
Two new mobs
-Corrupted Zombies are quicker and stronger than zombies but they are quite rare.
-Corrupted Creepers are just nightmare fuel when starting a new world.

A few blocks and ressource

A new biome called the silent forest where the story begins

A new enchantment that kills corrupted entities faster.

That's it.

No I won't add more features but if there's anything I need to fix, balance or rewrite I'll do it.

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