a little bit of everything

Published by fafetto05 on Sat, 10/17/2020 - 16:53
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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this mod adds a little bit of everything, to make the game seem wider.
this mod in modpacks with few mods will have a lot of effect, because it adds a little bit of everything, so you will feel like you are playing with a lot more mods.

the mod is based in Italian language

new unique mobs and new mob variants

the mod contains:

16 mobs



3 advancement


1 set of armor and - 1 helmet


4 - biomes of which - 2 available

4 - dimensions of which -2 available 

desert and iron dimensions

4 Creative tab


more blocks

more mobs

more items

more weapons


30 blocks


2 spells

1 frost
2 anti kickback

2 foods

29 structures

10 new weapons

animated blocks!


1 new custom personal song!

and more!
download the mod to try it!





Modification files
a little bit of everything.jar - new version3.76 MB
morestuffmod0.6.4.jar - old version3.16 MB
moremod 0.6.3-1.jar - old version 3.15 MB
faf3ttomod0.6.1.jar - very old version3.13 MB

nullo ......

Just saying, there's something against calling mods "a little bit of everything," since that doesn't really say much about it itself.