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(The word "apeiro" means infinity from the Greek language, and my goal is to make my mod gigantic.)


With this mod, you can experience a little bit more on every side of the game.

Your goal is to explore and advance to the point where you can defeat the final boss.

In the way, you should explore the new modded world.

For all of the recipes, you can install not enough items or something similar.


Mod adds:

  • 26+72 items.
  • 5+32 blocks.
  • 6+8 mobs.
  • 6+1 weapons.
  • 44+139 in total. (Not counting biomes, potions...)


  • 55+160 in total. (Also counting biomes, loot tables...)


  • Over 400 Mod Elements!


(This is my first published mod and it is also in development, so do not be suprised if it is not so good.)

Forum topic for my mod: https://mcreator.net/forum/56612/what-will-be-my-next-mod-update-theme-should-be

Recipe helper for my mod: https://mcreator.net/forum/56827/apeirocraft-recipe-helper


















It is not just the use of an advanced observatory, it is also the use of a basic and expert observatory.

Also, you have to put powered (ex.: (night vision), (speed II) or AGF 037) constellations/galaxies in the astral quartz.

Also, you have to put unreadable constellations in the Tome Table.

Project members
Lead developer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
apeirocraft_jar_1.5.0.jar - 1.5.0 jar Download (most reconmended)2.49 MB
apeirocraft_zip_1.5.0.zip - 1.5.0 zip Download (most reconmended)3.2 MB
apeirocraft_zip_1.4.0.zip - 1.4.0 zip Download (in older versions of the mod, there might be some bugs or missing items)2.61 MB
apeirocraft_zip_1.0.1_1.zip - 1.0.1 zip Download (in older versions of the mod, there might be some bugs or missing items, and just for later nostalgia.)1.4 MB

+ = added   - = removed * = modified

1.0.0  1/27/2020

 Items :

+ Added Amethyst

+ Added Crystallized Skull

+ Added Prutorium

+ Added Magnetite (Used in many recipes)

+ Added Withered Scanner Chip

+ Added Scanner Chip

+ Added Withered Computer Chip

+ Added Computer Chip

+ Added Advanced Computer Chip

+ Added Rotten Fossil

+ Added Fossil

+ Added Templates

+ Added Electromagnetic Compass

+ Added Totem of destruction (Used to summon Azhoron)

+ Added Eye of Azhoron (Dropped by Azhoron)


 Mobs :

+ Added Silhouette

+ Added Azhoron (The demigod of destruction, the final boss)

+ Added Azhoron bomb (Summoned by Azhoron)

+ Added Azhoron laser (Summoned by Azhoron)


1.0.1  1/27/2020

* Fixed the death animation of Azhoron where as before it wouldn't drop anything.

- Removed the lightning at the death animation of Azhoron because else it wouldn't drop anything as mentioned before.

1.0.2  1/27/2020

+ Added ingame mod logo.


1.1.0 pre1 2/1/2020

+ Added loot table for withered machine parts

- Removed the recipe for withered machine parts

1.1.0 pre2 2/2/2020

+ Added dyed bricks


+ Added Net

+ Added Goldfish

+ Added Angler

+ Added Eel

+ Added Electric Eel

+ Added Koko's Cookie

+ Added Koko's Cookie Box

+ Added Birthday Cake

+ Added Amethyst Block

+ Added Magnetite Block

+ Added Plutonium Ore

+ Added Plutonium Ingot

+ Added Plutonium Block

+ Added Plutonium Battery

+ Added Nuclear Rod



+ Added Basic Observatory

+ Added Basic Observatory Core

+ Added Constellation Papers (27 Types)

+ Added Astral Block of Quartz (Put in that constellation wich want to get it's power(s).)

+ Added Advanced Observatory

+ Added Advanced Observatory Core


+ Added D/C/B/A/A+ Spiders (F spider is the vanilla)



+ Added Zombie Brain (1% drop for zombies)

+ Added Zombie Sword

+ Added Skeleton Rib (1% drop for skeletons)

+ Added Enderman Eye (5% drop for endermans)


* Balanced ore spawn

* Made Crystallized Skull more expensive



+ Added a lot of Advancements

+ Added Expert Observatory Core

+ Added Galaxy Papers (26 Types of AGF (Apeirocraft Galactic Foundation) Galaxies) 

+ Added Expert Observatory 

* Made Astral Quartz's Power duration longer. From 10s to 20s

+ Re-added the recipe for withered machine parts



+ Added Octopedes Egg

+ Added Octopedes

+ Added Poisonous Octopedes

+ Added Basalt

+ Added Flint Ore

+ Added Tomes (16 Types)

+ Added Tome Helmet

+ Added Magical Tome Helmets (16 Types)

+ Added Tome Table

Wow, this looks incredibly beautiful. I like it! Keep it up!
P. s I will add to my next build for walkthroughs =3