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Published by Zexmus on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 16:10
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This is my first ever mod.
Iv been testing with Mcreator for quite a while so i have finally completed this mod.


-Bowl of sand
   A bowl of sand can be acquired by right clicking sand with a empty bowl.
   Right clicking with the bowl in your hand will give a random chance of getting a gold nugget.


-Infected Grass

   Infected grass spawns in the new infected biome.
   The infected grass will spread if there is grass next to it. if you right click it with bonemeal it will turn into normal grass



-Quick Sand

    Quick sand will spawn randomly in desert biomes
    If you happened to get caught in the sand you will begin to sink..


-Burnt Log
  Burnt Log can be put into a crafting table to make charcoal


-Bear Trap/Claw Trap

  Claw Trap will activate once a entity or mob stands on it. It will give the mob slowness and do some damage. (PS This goes for the owner as well)
  The Claw Trap has a grass version to blend in more.



-Wood Crate

  A wooden crate that can hold all your valuables



-Obsidian Armor
  A very strong armor created using obsidian powder
  This type of armor can absorb alot of damage



-Obsidian Powder
  A powder used to make obsidian armor
  Can be obtained by putting 1 piece of obsidian into a crafting table


-Wood Armor
  A cheap type of armor created with wood logs and sticks
  This armor breaks very easily and doesn't absorb much damage 


     A jar is used to collect lightning.
    You can then throw the jar of lightning releasing it
*Not very realistic*




        Things I plan to add



-Some custom mobs of sort


-Acid Water/Acid Rain in the infected Biome

-Custom tools

-Custom Ores and Ingots



-If you have any suggestions for this mod please tell me-

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Update 1 - infected grass now spreads! The spreading might be a bit to fast....

Update 2 - Infected grass spread speed has been decreased.

Update 3 - Added Jar
                  Added Quick Sand


Nice Bear trap (like it, never done before, even by me :D), So good mod !

It was a joke my little Zexmus, the idea of regrouping it is cool, but all of that already have been done ;)

The bear trap's a cool idea! I'll use that as inspiration for one of my future mods, Blah!