DOOM Mod Minecraft UPDATE!!!!

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THIS IS DOOM: KILL DEMON THAT YOU'RE CRUSED, TAKE A GUN AND ONLY SHOOT Note: The blocks, Items, or something else do not have crafts, The mod is to create your maps of the game Doom, Doom II, Doom 3, Doom 64, ECT


Project members
Gameplay designer
Release type
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Doom mod 1.11.2.jar - BETA (1.11.2)1.45 MB
Doom 2 mod.jar - ALPHA 0.2 (1.11.2)97.59 KB
Doom mod.jar - ALPHA 0.1 (1.11.2)123.35 KB




  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Super Shotgun
  • Chaingun
  • Roket Launcher
  • Plasma Gun
  • BFG 9000
  • Chainsaw


  • Zombieman: Sergeant Dead and reborn as a zombie
  • Shotgun Guy: another undead sergeant armed with a shotgun
  • Weavy Weapon Dude: Commando zombie armed with a machine gun and it won't stop to see you die
  • Ipm : Demon brown with skewers in his body and throws fireballs
  • Demon : Pink demon quickly and chore you alive
  • Spectre : same as the pink demon but this one is dark
  • Lost Soul : Skull with horn. And on fire and it doesn't come alone
  • Cacodemon :A ball of demonic flesh, with horns, a large mouth, and attack you with balls of electricity
  • Hell knight :Minotaur coffee and kill you with green fireballs
  • Baron of hell : Red Minotaur and this If it comes pissed off and with more life
  • Aracnotron :Mutant brain with robotic spider leg with a plasma weapon
  • Pain Elemental : Identify the Cacodemon but brown and attack you with the Lost Soul Enemies
  • Revenant : Large Skeleton And Has Impersonated With A Vest With 2 Missiles On Each Shoulder
  • Mancubus : A Fat Demon and has 2 fire missiles blasting his hands
  • Arch-Vile :Long demon and will kill you easy

New Enemies!!!!!!

  • Nightmare Imp : A kind of blue Imp and more resistant to the original (Appears in the saga of DOOM 64)
  • Wolfenstein SS : Nazi Soldier Blue (Appears on DOOM 2 secret maps)
  • Mancubus (DOOM 3) : A White Mancubus (It's from the DOOM 3 Saga)
  • Medic Villager : A medical villager And he gives you healing (NOT FROM THE DOOM VIDEO GAME !!!)


  • SpiderMastemind : Mutant brain With robot spider leg and with a large machine gun (WILL KILL YOU VERY QUICK AND EASY)
  • Cyberdemon : A Big Minotaur With a robotic leg And on its left brazier it has a missile launcher that will kill you VERY Dead


  • Marine Suit GREEN (Helmet,Chestplate,leggings,boots)
  • Marine Suit BLUE (Helmet,Chestplate,leggings,boots)
  • Night vision glasses (Helmet)
  • Anti Toxic Suit (Chestplate,leggings,boots)


  • Clip : (Bullets for the Pistol)
  • Bullets : (Bullets for the Shotgun And Super Shotgun)
  • Chaingun Bullets : (Bullets for the Chaingun)
  • Roket : (Bullets for the Roket Launcher)
  • Cell power X10 : (Bullets for the PlamaGun)
  • Cell Power X100 : (Bullets for the BFG 9000)


  • Invisible Sphere : It gives you invisibility
  • Power Sphere : It gives you resistance and life
  • Mega Sphere : It gives you TRIPLE resistance and life
  • Inmortal Sphere : It makes you immortal For a period of time
  • Steen pack : A small medikit, It regains life
  • Medikit : It Recovers You Too Much Life
  • BEDSERGER : You More Strength may harm enemies And lower them Life


  • PHOBOS : Cobblestone + Phobos card (An Orange IP)
  • DEIMOS : Brown Wall (A block of the Mod) + Deimos card (An Red IP)
  • MARS: SandStone + Mars Card (An Gold IP)
  • INFERNO : Netherrack + Soul (A skull)


present in version 2.0

  • Dead bodies
  • Now the weapons have HUD
  • the soul cube is available

Nice mod :)
A little more detail in the description would be nice though.