Wiff's Dimensions [Update]

Published by WiffPlays on Tue, 10/15/2019 - 22:10
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0.3.0 Released!


The Wiff's Dimensions Mod will add tons of new dimensions into the game. Currently, there are only two dimensions, but more Dimensions will be added in the future.

 - Mod Content -

  • 3 New Ores
  • New Tools and Armor
  • New Blocks
  • New Items
  • 2 New Dimensions
  • 6 New Mobs

To build the Berther Portal, you need Berther Obsidian and a Berther Portal Scepter to activate it. For the Star Field Portal, you need Star Piece Blocks and a Star Rod to activate it. It's recommended to use JEI (Just Enough Items) to know all the recipes.

More updates coming soon.


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Update 0.3.0 Changelog:

-Added a new dimension: The Star Fields.
-Added new Blocks and Items.
-Added three new mobs: Star, Star Creeper and Dark Star.
-Added a new ore: Star Crystal
-Added a new liquid in the Star Fields.