Steam Gadgets

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Mod Contents:

  • Copper
    • A new ore that can spawn between Y levels 16 and 50.
    • Used to craft Steampunk Goggles, which gives you night vision as long as you're wearing them.
    • Can be used in both armor and tools, as well as...
  • Steam Boiler
    • Used to fill canisters with steam.
    • Place one of any canister in the top left slot, a water bucket in the top right slot, and the appropriate fuel in the bottom slot to fill the canister with steam.
    • Potentially better texture coming soon.
  • Fusion Smelter
    • Powered by steam-filled canisters.
    • Combine an iron ingot in the first two slots, and a piece of coal in the third slot to make a steel ingot.
    • Will have more uses in the future.
  • Steel
    • Can be used to create armor and tools better than iron and worse than diamond.
    • Many more uses in the future.
  • Canisters
    • Canisters can be crafted with 3 copper ingots, iron ingots, steel ingots, or obsidian, and one stone slab (crafting images coming soon!).
    • Can be placed into a Steam Boiler, along with water to the side and either coal or lava below, to fill it with steam.
    • Used only for rocket boots and for making steel.
  • Rocket Boots
    • Used to boost yourself up around the world of Minecraft! Press Z with the appropriate fuel in your inventory to use!
    • Tier 1 crafted with 1 redstone block, 1 pair of copper boots, 4 copper ingots, and 2 steam-filled copper canisters.
    • Can only use steam-filled copper canisters as fuel.
    • Tier 2 crafted with 1 redstone block, 1 pair of tier 1 rocket boots, 4 iron ingots, and 2 steam-filled iron canisters.
    • Can use both iron and copper steam-filled canisters, but iron steam-filled canisters get two boosts!
    • Tier 3 crafted with 1 diamond, 1 pair of tier 2 rocket boots, 4 steel ingots, and 2 steam-filled steel canisters.
    • Can use steel, iron, and copper steam-filled canisters. Steel canisters gives you three uses.
  • Other Features
    • 8 new advancements.
    • Steampunk Goggles (Gives you night vision)
  • Planned Features:
    • Canisters and rocket boots upgrades of diamond, obsidian, and a currently unnamed substance.
    • A steam-powered miner.
    • Steam-powered ranged weapons (rifles, cannons, etc.).
    • More steam-powered processing blocks.
    • Branching upgrade paths for rocket boots.
    • Actual steam gas in the world.
    • Redstone functionality with copper.
    • Other special armor pieces

Any community feedback is greatly appreciated, as at the moment, I am currently a solo developer. If someone's suggestion makes it into the mod, then they will be credited in the mod description. Thank you for downloading my mod!

Credit to Super_cube4 for a few different suggestions.

Project members
Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
  • Additions:
    • Obsidian Canisters
    • Steam Boiler
    • 2 more advancements
    • More views on some YouTube tutorial videos
  • Changes:
    • Removed water-filled canisters
    • Rearranged existing advancements
    • Fixed a few item names
    • Made a few advancements actually achievable.

Cool mod ! I like technologies, so rocket boots are just awsome to me :D,
1st: you need to get back the "copper ore" texture to a stone that match the 1.12.2 texture of the stone, and not the 1.14's.
2nd: If your mod is based on copper, the copper need to have a "redstone" use, like conducting all along, if you need help on that, I can help !

Hi! I couldn't get your discord link to work, so I'm contacting you here. When it comes to the redstone functionality on copper, I'm thinking that having the copper blocks work as a form of full block repeater, in which if it gets redstone input from any side, it will output a signal to all of it's sides. Any suggestions on how I could get this working? Thanks in advance.