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From the Creator of BMod:

Have you ever wanted JUST the informational accessories from this mod so that the content can be separated? Introducing BTech: Information Optimized!

If you like the Cell Phone from Terraria, this is right up your alley. Practically a Minecraft equivalent, this mod is!

Changes from the last version:

  • The O hotkey has been removed. In previous versions, this toggled the entire overlay on the left side of the screen.
    Now, you can right-click the PDA to access the GUI in the mod title to Enable All, Disable All, or selectively choose screen information!
  • More informational accessories! This version includes new informational tools such as the Appraiser. This page will go over what each tool does.
  • Animated sprites for almost all informational tools! This will add a dynamic flair to your inventory as you work your way towards building the PDA!

  • Global and local variable management implemented! That means that the PDA should work on a per-player basis for local variables instead of jumbling global variables. You won't notice a difference unless you play this mod in multiplayer.
  • Added a new tool, the Magnet! The magnet draws in items from a larger range!

Now, for the contents!

Primary level information accessories:
What does primary level mean? These items serve one function at most.


The recipe for the Calendar.

The Calendar displays the current day and, if the world is old enough, displays year, too!


The recipe for the Sextant.

The Sextant displays the current moon phase. Never miss another bountiful night of slime slaughter in the swamps.

Weather Radio:

The recipe for the Weather Radio.

The Weather Radio displays the weather on the surface. Catch every opportunity to catch fish at increased speeds during rainstorms, and know when to stay inside for thunderstorms!

Clock and Compass:

The vanilla Clock and Compass have extra features:

  • The Clock displays the time down to the minute in a 12 hour AM / PM format.
  • The Compass displays your position in meters from the origin of the map.
    It also tells you which direction you are facing, like a real compass!

Depth Gauge:

The recipe for the Depth Gauge.

The Depth Gauge displays your current depth. It adjusts based on the dimension's sea level. In the End, it is useful for knowing when you are treading into dangerous territory!


The recipe for the Stopwatch.

The Stopwatch displays your current speed. Optimize your travel times by keeping this number as high as possible!

Metal Detector:

The recipe for the Metal Detector.

The Metal Detector displays nearby treasures, even through walls! Ever had the crawling fear of a vein of Diamond Ore right on the other side of a wall without your knowledge? This will tell you if any treasure tries to pull a sneaky move on you!


The recipe for the Appraiser.

The Appraiser displays the durability values of your equipment on screen! Now you don't have to open your inventory and make yourself vulnerable to know when to retreat from battle!


The recipe for the Radar.

The Radar displays the count of hostile creatures within hearing range, which is usually aggression range. This can be the difference between a Creeper getting a sneak up on you and not!

Rare Creature Analyzer:

The recipe for the Rare Creature Analyzer.

The Rare Creature Analyzer displays the name of the rarest nearby mob! Results determined by dimension. This can be used to locate Zombie Villagers, Endermen, Shulkers, and other rare creatures in their natural habitats.

Life Sensor:

The recipe for the Life Sensor.

The Life Sensor displays the health counts of mobs above their heads. Useful for knowing exactly how much damage you've done or knowing how much health an enemy has left!

Biome Analyzer:

The recipe for the Biome Analyzer.

The Biome Analyzer tells you the name of the biome you're currently in. That's about it. Works with other mods, too!


The recipe for the Thermometer.

The Thermometer tells you the current temperature in your immediate vicinity. Useful if you're farming ice or looking for a suitable place to plant crops.

Spider Amulet:

The recipe for the Spider Amulet.

The Spider Amulet detects the light levels in your current position. Useful for knowing if an area is mob-spawnable.


The recipe for the Magnet.

The Magnet attracts nearby items to you if your inventory is not full. Never miss picking up items again!

Secondary level information accessories:
What does secondary level mean? These items serve three functions each!
They are combinations of primary level accessories.


The recipe for the Forecaster.

The Forecaster has the combined effects of the Calendar, Sextant, and Weather Radio.


The recipe for the GPS.

The GPS has the combined effects of the Clock, Compass, and Depth Gauge.


The recipe for the Efficator.

The Efficator has the combined effects of the Stopwatch, Metal Detector, and Appraiser.

Hunter Tech:

The recipe for the Hunter Tech.

The Hunter Tech has the combined effects of the Radar, Rare Creature Analyzer, and Life Sensor.

Geo Scanner:

The recipe for the Geo Scanner.

The Geo Scanner has the combined effects of the Biome Analyzer, Thermometer, and Spider Amulet.

And finally, the PDA!
The ultimate combination of every secondary level information accessory!


The recipe for the PDA.

The PDA has the effects of all of it's ingredients. Right-clicking it will also open a menu to configure the information you see.
After all, the amount of information on screen can become overwhelming to some people.

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BTech v1.2.1_0.jar - Current Version (BTech v1.2.1)131.23 KB
BTech v1.2.jar - Old Version (BTech v1.2)131.16 KB

V 1.2.1

-Changed the Stopwatch speed calculation equation to handle vertical movement of entities better.
-Changed the Appraiser so that it accurately displays the number of uses a tool has left. (Tools break at 0 instead of at -1)

This is a really good mod, i like the textures, but i think calendar may be a little useless because theres a day counter in the f3 menu. Really cool and useful mod

This mod is intended to kinda add the F3 menu to Survival in a more immersive way, if you think about it.
Lots of the tool functions are covered by the F3 menu, but if you are playing with the gamerule reducedDebugInfo, these tools are the only way to get this information! I think it's better for this reason.