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MAdditions is currently in alpha stage


MAdditions brings you a new dimension called "The Cave". A new mineral that you need to craft (Mineral's Ore). Mineral's tools and armor. A new storage service. Some new plants and crops and many new things.


The Cave dimension is a really big cave, where you can mine ores, and in a future some news ores.



Project members
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version


Alpha 3

  • Added Celestial tools
  • Bug Fixes

Alpha 2
  • Added a animated texture for Bloody Rose
  • Added Celestial Mineral
  • Added "The Celestial" Dimension
  • Added Celestial Trees (log, leaves, planks, stairs, fences)
  • Added Prickly Sand
  • Added Celestial Lantern
  • Added Celestial Rose
  • Added Celestial Chest
  • Added Celestial Tomato Crop
  • Added Celestial Water
  • Removed Miner's Drum

Alpha 1
  • Added "The Cave" dimension
  • Added "Miner's Heaven" Biome
  • Added "The Minerals" ore
  • Added Mineral's tools
  • Added Strawberry crop
  • Added Strawberry Juice
  • Added "Miner's Drum"
  • Added Credits & Admin Menu (Press H)