Mandy's Ice Cream Mod

Published by VaatiYT on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 12:49
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Hello there, this is Mandy's Ice Cream Mod! It adds many types of ice cream to Minecraft Java Edition! It has many unique flavors of ice cream, some even with special effects!

If You Find A Bug While Playing, Please Let Me Know

Available Mod Versions

Current Releases: 

Release 1.4.1 - For Minecraft 1.17.1 (11/24/2021)

Release 1.4.0 - For Minecraft 1.17.1 (11/23/2021)

Release 1.3.1 - For Minecraft 1.16.5 (5/01/2021)

Release 1.3.0 - For Minecraft 1.16.5 (4/29/2021)

Latest Mod Page Update

Ver. 1.8.0 [Major Update]

- Updated 'Content' section

- Added full 1.4 changelog

- General Improvements


What's coming in the next release?

In Release 1.4.1 Hotfix, there will be the following:

  • Advancement Fixes


Developer's Message

Version 1.4.1 has arrived, but all the advancements are still broken. I made it to where eating any ice cream give you all of them at once, instead of picking up any item. I assume this is just a MCreator bug, so a 1.4.1 hotfix may come soon when the next MCreator version releases.
Discord Server:


Update Progress


Release 1.4.1 Hotfix - (When MCreator's next version releases)

Extended Support #1 - (When MCreator supports JE 1.18)



Ice Cream Machine

Dispenses mostly normal flavors of ice cream.

Special Ice Cream Machine

Dispenses strange flavors of ice cream.

Deep Fried Ice Cream Machine

Dispenses unique and strange ice cream flavors.



"Le Scoop"

A joke weapon that is comparable to iron tools.


A basic cone, like the ones they have at fast food places.

Wafer Cone

A standard wafer cone.


A display bowl.

'Root Advancement'

The item texture used for the root advancement.


Ice Cream Flavors

Vanilla Ice Cream

Your standard vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Standard chocolate ice cream.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Standard strawberry ice cream.

Frosted Ice Cream

Made from dry ice, will freeze the consumer.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Somebody carved a pumpkin and dumped it into a cone.

Caramel Ice Cream

Caramel on chocolate ice cream.

Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream with cream put in it.

Wafer Cone Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream in a wafer cone (Cone that actually is a cone)

Sprinkled Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.

Lava Ice Cream

Literal lava in a cone. This will burn badly if consumed.

Peppermint Ice Cream

Ice cream with peppermints in it.

Cookies N' Crème Ice Cream

Cookies N' Crème flavored ice cream.

Rainbow Ice Cream

A rainbow put inside a cone.

Dark Ice Cream

This will blind you when eaten.

Throwback Ice Cream

A flat colored version of the vanilla ice cream.

OG Ice Cream

The vanilla ice cream texture from the Alpha phase of development.

Null Ice Cream

This ice cream is corrupted.

Burnt Ice Cream

Somebody burned this ice cream.

Christmas Ice Cream

Merry Christmas. This tastes like a tree.

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Mfw exposure turned up to max.

Potion Ice Creams

Ice cream flavors that give a potion effect from the game. There are some for the effects with no potion counterpart.



Discord Server

Suggestions & Bug Reports

Blog Containing Update Info



The Older Alpha Builds!!!

The Old Beta Builds!!!



Did You Know...

  • Beta 1.1 Is The Last Major Release To Not Have A Title? (This may not be correct. :|)

  • 20w15a Is The Only Snapshot To Have A Title? ("Le Scoop")

  • BETA 1.5 Currently Is The Only Major Update Released With A 1 In The Minor Slot (1.5.1)

  • I am very not good at releasing updates on time

    Have Any Trivia About This Mod? Let Me Know In The Comments Section!



Modification files
MICM - v1.4.1.jar - Mandy's Ice Cream Mod Release 1.4.1 (For Java Edition 1.17.1)531.61 KB
MICM - v1.4.0.jar - Mandy's Ice Cream Mod Release 1.4.0 - The 'Autumn Cleaning' (For Java Edition 1.17.1)539.63 KB
VICM - v1.3.1.jar - Mandy's Ice Cream Mod Release 1.3.1 (For Java Edition 1.16.5)686.77 KB
VICM - v1.3.0.jar - Mandy's Ice Cream Mod Release 1.3.0 - The Potion Update (For Java Edition 1.16.5)686.65 KB

Mandy's Ice Cream Mod v1.4.1 [Minor Update] (11/23/2021)

This update fixes all the registry names and cleans up the mod jar for the most part. This will be the last update besides updates to upgrade the mod to the next Java Edition version, when those versions are available.

  • Updated Dolphin's Grace Ice Cream texture
  • GUI's no longer pause the game
  • Renamed Registry names
  • Fixed Deep Fried Ice Cream Machine having incorrect bounding box

Mandy's Ice Cream Mod v1.4.0 [Major Update] (11/23/2021)

The long awaited 1.4 update, which will be the final update besides 1.4.1's bug fixes and the extended support releases after that. Also advancements are broken, so keep that in mind.

  • Enabled Forge Version Checking
  • Redid A Few Registry Names
  • Added some potion ice cream flavors for effects that have no potion counterpart in-game
  • Rebranded bronze into copper
  • The mod now runs in Java Edition 1.17.1
  • Removed Block of Bronze
  • Remove Bronze Ore
  • Removed Bronze Ingot
  • Removed Bronze Nugget
  • Removed Bronze Coin
  • Removed Silver Coin
  • Removed Gold Coin
  • Removed Lapis Coin
  • Removed Lapis Nugget
  • Removed Rusty Scoop
  • Removed Rusty Ingot
  • Removed Gem of Darkness
  • Removed Gem of Heat (May not have been in a public release)
  • Removed Unused Debug Tab
  • Removed Debug Item
  • Removed Wafer Cone Projectile
  • Payment System now uses ingots instead of coins
  • Cleaned Up Files
  • Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod v1.3.1 [Minor Update] (5/01/2021)

Alright, I decided to put my 1.3.1 ideas into the upcoming 1.4.0 update! This adds a texture to the Block Of Bronze. (The texture is from MC 1.17 snapshot 21w17a)


- Added Texture For Block Of Bronze

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod v1.3.0 [Full Release] (4/29/2021)


- Added Ice Cream Potion Variants

- Added Overworld, Nether, and End Ice Cream Variants

- Organized Everything Into Folders

- Tweaked Everything

- Updated Registry Names (ex. Vanilla Ice Cream was 'VanillaCream' and now it is 'vanilla_ice_cream')

- Bug Fixes

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod v20w50a [Development Build] (12/14/2020)

Howdy! I had no ideas for 1.3, so I looked at my blog. There, I found 4 different things that I've never used! This snapshot contains 3 dimensional teleporting ice creams that don't function correctly (They are in the "Debug" tab), and potion ice creams that work perfectly!


- Added Overworld Ice Cream

- Added Nether Ice Cream

- Added End Ice Cream


- Added Water, Awkward, Thick, and Mundane Ice Creams (Identical; have no use)

- Added Uncraftable Ice Cream

- Added Slowness Ice Cream

- Added Weakness Ice Cream

- Added Regeneration Ice Cream

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod v1.2.2 [Minor Update] (12/4/2020)

Hello everyone, again. I fixed the Deep Fried grammatical error. (Fryed to Fried) I plan to add a new ice cream in an upcoming update. v1.3 has a small chance of releasing this month, if it does, it will be around Christmas. I also need to change a few more names, so possibility of v1.2.4! I might just group the grammar fixes with the new Ice Cream!


- Fixed instances of "Fryed" to "Fried"

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod v1.2.1 [Minor Update] (12/3/2020)

Hello everyone. This update is really just to change a few things I wanted to change. v1.2.2 will most likely fix a small spelling error, while v1.2.3 will add a new ice cream! If you find any bugs, please leave a comment here, or on the discussion page.


- Added Dark Gem

- Implemented Function Where Dark Ice Cream Give You Blindness Unless You Have Dark Gem

- Removed Patch Notes

- Minor Fixes

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod v1.2.0 [Major Update] (11/30/2020)



  • Added "Deep Fried" Ice Cream Machine


  • Added "Heating Gem"
  • Added "Bowl"


  • Added Bronze Armor


  • Added "Null" Ice Cream
  • Added Christmas Ice Cream
  • Added Burnt Ice Cream
  • Added Deep Fried Ice Cream


  • Implemented "Cursed" Ice Cream Machine GUI


  • Putting Vanilla Ice Cream On A Campfire/Furnace Gets You Burnt Ice Cream



  • Minor Improvements

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod 1.1 [Major Update] (Sunday, October 5th, 2020)



  • Added Bronze Tool Set


  • Added Peppermint Ice Cream
  • Added Cookies N' Creme Ice Cream
  • Added Rainbow Ice Cream
  • Added Dark Ice Cream
  • Added Throwback Ice Cream
  • Added OG Ice Cream

Snapshot 20w37a {For v1.1} [Development Build] (Monday, September 7th, 2020)

- Added Peppermint Ice Cream

- Added Cookies N' Creme Ice Cream

- Added Rainbow Ice Cream

- Miscellaneous Fixes

Vaati's Ice Cream Mod 1.0 [Full Release] (Sunday, August 23rd, 2020)



  • Added Blackstone (For Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Block Of Bronze
  • Added Bronze Ore


  • Added Lapis Lazuli Nuggets
  • Added Bronze Ingot

    Ice Cream

  • Added Lava Ice Cream



  • Coins Can Now Be Crafted Back Into Nuggets
  • Lapis Coin Renamed To Lapis Lazuli Coin
  • Lapis Lazuli Coin Can Be Used In The Ice Cream Machines To Get The Ice Cream, Also The Required Coin


  • Rusty Scoop's Durability Is Now Half Of Gold's (16)


  • New UI For Special Ice Cream Machine
  • New UI For Ice Cream Machine
  • Instances Of "ICM" Changed to "VICM"


  • Changed Wrapping On Ice Creams
  • Slightly Changed Frosted Ice Cream Texture
  • Ice Cream Machine Uses New Texture
  • Special Ice Cream Machine Uses New Texture
  • Slightly Changed Frosted Ice Cream Texture
  • Changed Bronze Nugget's Texture


  • Miscellaneous Fixes

v1.0 Release Candidate 2 [Development Build] (August 18th, 2020)

- Added Lava Ice Cream

- Updated All The Advancements

- Added Bronze Block

- Added Bronze Ore

- Added Bronze Ingot

- Miscellaneous Fixes

v1.0 Release Candidate 1 [Development Build] (August 16th, 2020)

- Coins Can Now Be Crafted Back Into Nuggets

- Added Lapis Lazuli Nuggets

- Lapis Coin Renamed To Lapis Lazuli Coin

- Lapis Lazuli Coin Can Be Used In The Ice Cream Machines To Get The Ice Cream, Also The Required Coin

- Changed Bronze Nugget's Texture

- Rusty Scoop's Durability Is Now Half Of Gold's (16)

- Remade Rusty Scoop's Advancement

- Miscellaneous Fixes

VICM Build 10801 [Development Build] (August 1st, 2020)

- Added Blackstone (For Crafting Recipe)

- Slightly Changed Frosted Ice Cream Texture

- Instances Of "ICM" Changed to "VICM"

- Special Ice Cream Machine Uses New Texture


VICM Build 10726 [Development Build] (July 26th, 2020)

 - Added New Textures

 - Slightly Changed Version Format

 - New UI For Ice Cream Machine

 - New UI For Special Ice Cream Machine

Nice :)
I'd recommend putting a little more detail into your description and textures though. It will make your mod look more professional :)

Hello! I'm putting the finishing touches on Alpha 1.1.0!

Okay, The textures are in the download section of this page:

Hello. I hope you don't mind, but I put you as the texture designer on this mod's project roles board. Also, thank you for the textures. I hope to work with you again in the future!

Beta 1.0 has a planned release of January 11th, 2020.

Would anybody like a bedrock version of this mod? If yes, it might take a while because I will need to buy Bedrock Edition! ⏱

i like it :)
maybe display the coins in one image together and some other stuff like the ice cream flavours and cones in another? more efficient use of images.
the bronze nugget could look a little more minecraft.