Sniper Rifle Mod

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This mod add a powerful sniper rifle for Minecraft 1.12.2:

To craft it you need:


x2 Sticks

x1 Blaze Rod

x1 Glass Block

x1 Iron Block


And you need to craft ammo if you want to shoot.


Bullet top (bullet part 1/2):


x5 Gold Ingots

x2 Iron Ingots


Bullet bottom ( bullet part 2/2)


x5 Iron Ingots

x1 Redstone

x1 Blaze Powder


In order to craft the bullet, just put the bullet top above the bullet bottom.

This rifle deals a lot of damage, enough to one shot a large proportion of monsters.

Once you shoot, you have to wait a few seconds for the rifle to reload.

For more accuracy, you can zoom with NumPad0 (by default, you can change it in the controls, "Zoom") for 3 seconds.


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