Vactrica Mod

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod contains two entities:

- Bluezard

Health: 30  -  Attack: 5  -  Speed: 0.3


- Blackzard

Health: 30  -  Attack: 7  -  Speed: 0.4


- Galactrizard

Health: xx  -  Attack: xx  -  Speed: 0.2

Add two ores, vactrica and galaxyte, and can be craftable and uncraftable in blocks (check this in uploaded images), can be used to make swords and and item called V-Scepter (Crafting recipe in images)


Sword ID's:

Vactrica Sword: vactrimod:vactrica_sword

VQ-Sword: vactrimod:vq_sword



V-Scepter: vactrimod:vscepter



Modification files
Vactrica Mod (JE) v1.2.0.jar - Adds new boss entity, Galactrizard5.48 MB

Dude, these models and quality slays. Not my type of mod, but it looks awesome. I really wish you make another mod with different idea, because I'd love to play medieval-themed mod with such great execution.