Overpowered Items

Published by coolboyx on Fri, 12/13/2019 - 10:58
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This is my first mod! It adds a few overpowered items and blocks!
The OP Sword is a very powerful sword that when you right click, shoots an arrow.
The OP potion gives you many powerful effects. (I don't know why it's so short, might be fixed in V0.2)
The Golden Steak changes your gamemode to creative
The overpowered Gun shoots powerful arrows
The overpowered TNT creates a very powerful explosion and requires no flint and steel (Don't know how to detect that, as I said, this is my first mod.)
The OP Pickaxe mines really quickly and creates a small explosion for effect. (Doesn't break blocks.)
Sorry if this misses anything!
You're Overpowered!
"Eat a golden steak."
Realised the mod is called Test Mod. Anyone know how to fix that?
Explanation of the mod. Only takes a few minutes out of your time!

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OPItems.jar - version 0.277.21 KB
OPItemsupdate1.jar - version 0.388.94 KB
OPItemsupdate2.jar - version 0.499.93 KB

v0.4 new Overpowered Plant. When broken it makes a diamond block. also there is now a Enchanted Diamond apple. (may be fixed later.)
explanation 2 for new items: https://streamable.com/5ukmo

older versions:
v0.2 added the opstaff
v0.3 the staff is now a "Ranged Weapon" instead of item

Sorry if the textures kinda suck, I'm not good at creating textures