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Hello! Are you bored with the regular Minecraft's pickaxes? You find them not too interesting and not too effective? This mod is for you!

The first thing I would like to say is you can see all the recipes using NEI or JEI!

So in this mod there are 30+ new pickaxes! Some of them are just regular pickaxes (like dirt,sand,etc.)but, a part of these pickaxes has very cool abilities! On the text below I will talk only about a few of them...

-Feather pickaxe - Hold to fly (the pickaxe effect doesn't absorb falling damage so you will need a bucket of water).

-Ender pickaxe - Right click on a block with 2 blocks of air on it and you are instantly teleported to it (very useful if you fall in lava).

-Bone pickaxe - Right click on blocks of coal ore and you have a chance of dropping a bone or a skull from it.

-Slimy pickaxe - Right click on ore, ice or obsidian to harvest it.

Dimensional pickaxe - Right click to harvest any block (even if it is bedrock) but, be careful while crafting it, that's explosive (use Shift+Right click to make it don't be destroyed  by an explosion.


Other pickaxes' abilities you can see if you download this mod! So, what are you waiting for? The mining revolution is waiting for you!

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I need somebody to help me with my new mod: FireWorks_CreepeR's Touch TV! Need a good creator to work with events (I will give credits to you if you help)!

Nice mod :)
Do the pickaxes lose durability when used for their special effects?