Abhishek's Update Mod

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I added Topaz and some more recipes to the smithing table. 

Rose Gold - It is a strong gold so, I named it Rose Gold. It can be made by putting gold and copper on a smithing table. The rose gold pickaxe mines very fast than a gold pickaxe.

Topaz - Topaz is like Orangish Emerald but more strong. It can be crafted by putting copper and emerald on a smithing table.

Emerald Armour and Tools - Simply it can be made in the normal way


Items and Block in the mod:

Rose Gold Ingot

Block of Rose Gold

Rose Gold Helmet

Rose Gold Chestplate

Rose Gold Leggings

Rose Gold Boots

Rose Gold Pickaxe

Rose Gold Axe

Rose Gold Sword

Rose Gold Hoe

Rose Gold Shovel


Block of Topaz

Topaz Helmet

Topaz Chestplate

Topaz Leggings

Topaz Boots

Topaz Pickaxe

Topaz Axe

Topaz Shovel

Topaz Sword

Topaz Hoe

Emerald Helmet

Emerald Chestplate

Emerald Leggings

Emerald Boots

Emerald Pickaxe

Emerald Axe

Emerald Hoe

Emerald Shovel

Emerald Sword.


Also the name is Abhishek's Update Mod


There will be a Part -2 mod and it is more about copper tools and armour.


Thank you, everyone.

Bye :)

Now there are more in curseforge you can see by this link



Modification files
Abhishek's Cave Update Part- 1.jar - For 1.17xUploaded on: 03/25/2022 - 11:16   File size: 154.01 KB

There are no changes in the versions.

Versions- 1.17x and 1.18x

Hello everyone, If anyone can make a showcase of this mod, I will put the name of that person in part 2.

I like the cool design on the topaz block and the rose gold block looks very lickable i can already taste it
the tools should probably have more different effects to make a reason to get them