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JDK - Parsley Additions Is About Things Related To Parsley And Its Unusual Uses ;3 

By: _Jagodzinka_


# Parsley Root - Parsley Root Drops With Very Small Chance From Carrots Plant,
Can By Used For Various Crafting Recipes, As a Projectile And When Baked, It Restores 2 Nutrition Points.


# Parsley - Parsley Can Be Obtained By Using Shears On Carrots (Work With Fortune).


# Parsley Block - Crafted From 9 Parsley,
Crafting Material And Decorative Block With Products Including: Staris, Slab And Wall.  
**(textures will change)**


# Baked Parsley Root - Obtained By baking ParsleyRoot,
It Can Be Eaten And It Restores 6 Nutrition Points.


# Exploding Parsley Root - Make In An Brewing Stand Using Parsley Root and TNT,
Is Used As a Projectile, When It Touches a Block Or Entity It Explodes


# Parsley Worlds Destoryer - Fun Endgame Weapon/Tool,
Which Can Destroy Almost Anything In World.


### Has Five Modes Including:

1 - Normal: Digs like a regular tool.

2 - 3x3: Digs 3x3 area.

3 - 5x5: Digs 5x5 area.

4 - Projectile: Shoots projectile which deals damage.

5 - Exploding Projectile: shoots exploding projectile which destroy blocks and deal damage.

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- Polish translation has been added

ofc ;3 If you have any ideas for additional content, please send me a message on discord "kolegrzanka"