Improved Durability Mod

Published by Sitonic on Mon, 08/10/2020 - 05:55
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The mod consists of adding stronger sticks to make better tools, with more durability, more speed, more damage and effects (bonus). He also adds two magic tools and a very aggressive aggressive mob called Hirim that lets go. This is a small and simple mod that adds improvements. (The entire description was made in Portuguese, and translated by google translator)

Item information:


• Reinforced iron tools: 383
• Super reinforced iron tools: 622
• Reinforced diamond tools: 1826
• Super reinforced diamond tools: 2273
• Reinforced gold tools: 211
• Super reinforced gold tools: 556
• Ultimate multi pick tool: 751
• Magic staff weapon: 100

Tool effects:

• reinforced diamond pick: speed II, speed II.
• super reinforced diamond pick: hurry II, regeneration I.
• reinforced diamond sword: speed II.
• super reinforced diamond sword: speed II, regeneration I.
• gold pick: speed III, regeneration II.
• magic staff: super jump II, fire resistance I, night vision I, slowness II, hunger II, tiredness II.
• multi ultimate pick: speed II, instantaneous I, super jump II, regeneration I, night vision I.

Hirim (aggressive mob):

Life: 100 (50 hearts)
Drop: diamond powder
Experience: 150 (10 levels)
Damage: 9
Weapons: super reinforced iron sword, shield.
Immunity: Drowning, cactus.
Type: Undead
Speed: 0.3
characteristic: Mob, monster (aggressive)
skill: breaking doors, swimming.
spawning probability: 20
Spawn biome: plateau, savanna, forest, desert, nether.
spawn in dungeons: Yes

Weapon Attacks:

• reinforced iron sword: 6.5
• super reinforced iron sword: 7
• reinforced diamond sword: 8
• super reinforced diamond sword: 9
• magic staff: 9
• ultimate multi pick: 8
• reinforced iron ax: 9
• super reinforced iron ax: 7
• reinforced diamond ax: 9
• super reinforced diamond ax: 9.5

Usage speed:

• Reinforced iron tools: 6.5
• Super reinforced iron tools: 7.5
• Reinforced diamond tools: 9.5
• Super reinforced diamond tools: 11
• Reinforced gold tools: 11
• Super reinforced gold tools: 12
• ultimate multi pick: 17

Modification files
Improved Durability Mod v1.0.0.jarUploaded on: 08/10/2020 - 06:04   File size: 2.15 MB

Finished. But I intend to bring more items in the future

Hey! I featured this mod in my Mcreator MOTW showcase video!