More Bones Mod

Published by Damus on Wed, 09/15/2021 - 14:12
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hi, I'm not very good at making mods, nor at creating textures and nor at creating 3D models, so there are likely to be various bugs and models and textures are not the best but I have worked hard and hope you enjoy the mod.
I made a bone themed mod.


- Complete tool set
-Full armor set with custom effects
-New mineral for fossils
-A bone spear
-3 new mobs (a drowned skeleton, a bone guardian and a fish bone)
-2 new biomes: the wastelands, with 3 new plants; the bone forest with 1 new plant.
-2 new bone-themed structures for new biomes
-A wand that generates a new mob if used, the ghost skeleton, which taming it (with the right click) should in theory protect you.
-1 new food created with bone meal.

I recommend using the JEI mod to see the crafting.
if i find any bugs i will try to fix them for a new version

Modification files
More_Bones_Mod_Beta-1.16.5-Forge.jar - More Bones Mod Beta for Forge 1.16.5277.45 KB