Crossbows Galore

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Crossbows Crossbows... Light Enemies on fire put them in cobwebs and everything in between! Welcome To The Ultimate Crossbow Mod! So prepare for the knockback that arises!

--normal crossbow-- low damage high knockback and no specialties and bow type reload

--repeater crossbow--low damage high knockback no specialties and very fast reload (just hold right click)

--fire crossbow-- low damage high knockback lights enemies on fire and bow type reload

--superior crossbow-- low damage mid level knockback explodes upon contact with living entity and bow like reload

--epics crossbow-- mid damage high knockback lights enemies on fire for some time and slows down enemy for 40 ticks and very fast reload!


Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Crossbows Here!.jar - Click Here For Crossbow Craziness!53.13 KB

1.0, please tell me what you want to add!

Tried it it is the worlds BEST (incraftable might be better) mod.

Submitted by supermj767 on Wed, 09/11/2019 - 04:09

Can you add an image of the mod, and explain what the mod does in the description

Nice :)
Please can you add a little more detail in the description though?
Also, it's good that it removed the hotbar. Screenshots with hotbar are not allowed.

Nice mod :)
Just try to make the textures look a bit more minecrafty: remove the black borders and make them dark brown instead
Look at vanilla bows and crossbows for inspiration