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Published by ArshiaDPG on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 01:53
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This is a mod that add a few things into minecraft.

This mod is currently in very early stages so some things may be unbalanced or useless.

But don't worry, this mod is going to contain some very great things.

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-Emerald, Copper, some silver and azurite tools

-Battle axe for all tool versions(no crafting recipe as of yet)

-White pumpkin+ White Jack-o-lantern

-PearWood logs, trees, leaves and planks in the new PearWoods biome

-Silver apple

-Poison and PearWoods water with potion effects






-Stick sword now in the game

-Cake slices can now be made to hold a large ammount of cake in one slot

-Golden Cow now spawns in the overworld

-Added Decayed zombie, acts just like normal zombie

Nice mod and textures :D
Is that white pumpkin inspired on story mode?

Nice (as the texture are just recolored version of 1.14's, you wont see me saying "oof") but this mod clearly add interesting things ;)