nti (new technical items)

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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this is a mod that adds technical items and blocks, and I'll tell you now what blocks this mod adds: a hammer, this item is necessary for crushing blocks, it works like this when you press pcm on a block, then if it's a block, say a cobblestone, it will remove this block and create a gravel block object, and therefore it works with subsequent blocks, a sieve, it works similarly than with a hammer, it also considers what kind of block it is, but it works a little more complicated, it is created with random probability, creates an element and removes this block, there is also the sieve block, it works like this, if a player with a suitable item in the inventory, then he removes it and randomly creates something from 4 seeds, and both sieves work with gravel. my mod also has a crucible, it works like this: if a player has a cobblestone, and he presses pcm on it (on the crucible), then the crucible removes the cobblestone from the player and is replaced by a special block, and when you click on a special block, if you have a bucket, then it replaces it with a bucket of lava and is replaced by a crucible.

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