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Tools Extension! is a QoL vanilla-friendly mod, adding new 3x3x1 mining tools.

It adds 3 main tools: 
Hammers, which mine rock type blocks; Double Axes, which cut wood type blocks; and Spades, which dig earth/dirt/sand type blocks. Their durability is 10% better than vanilla equivalents, regardless of each ore, and their efficiency, which is a bit worse (slower).

Besides the regular versions of those tools, there are also enhanced ones. Their durability is 30% better than vanilla equivalents and also the efficiency is a bit higher (faster)! What's the catch with them? They are harder to craft, naturally, for example, you're gonna need an Enhanced Stick instead of a regular one.




And last but not least, a cherry on top - Spaxers! The mod adds a Spaxer that is a combination of all the other 3 types. It can mine ANY type of block in a 3x3x1 area.
Click on the photo below to see what Spaxers can do!




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If you wish to use this in a modpack, feel free to do so and let me know if you do!


If you'd like to use any of the tools separately, below are the links to them. However, there's no spaxer in them:

Double Axes:


Modification files
Tools Extension!.zip - text file with link to curseforgeUploaded on: 01/24/2022 - 21:19   File size: 451 bytes

1)Forge 1.18.2 port with minor bug fixes

You can report any other bugs on my discord:

2)Fixed the bug when SILK TOUCH was applied to a hammer - only the block being mined was affected by the enchant, and other blocks were not. Now it works as it's supposed to.
  • Fixed another bug with SILK TOUCH, where if there were blocks unaffectable by silk touch in the mining area (e.g. diorite), only the middle block was mined;
  • To dispel any doubts - Spaxers are NOT designed to be compatible with any enchants, so that's why they might not work properly/at all when combined.

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