Extra Stuff Mod (BETA)

Published by LP Leon YT on Fri, 12/20/2019 - 21:10
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Extra Stuff is a mod that adds new items like ores and their associated weapons and armor. Furthermore, the mod creates new biomes.



The new ores:
-Gunpowder Ore
-Nether Diamond
-End Diamond
-Bedrock Ore

The new biomes:
-Cobblestone Forest
-Giant Trees
-Dead Bushes
-Coal Mountain
-Woody Woods
-Small Acacias
-Explosive Woods
-Blue Grass Biome

Other news:
-armor, weapons and tools
-New food (cheeseburgers, popcorn, strawberries,..)
-New plants (Strawberry bush,..)
-New blocks
-New recipes

A short game instruction: Most of the new ores work like Vanilla ores. This is why crafting recipes are often not different from normal Minecraft recipes. To view more recipes, we recommend you to use the JustEnoughItems mod. This allows you to easily view recipes. There is also a new dimension to enter, just build a normal Minecraft Nether Portal, using wool instead of obsidian. If you have any further questions, please post them in the comments, we will help!


If you find a bug, you can tell us in the comments.

You need "Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 Version" or higher

Known Issues:

-Blaze Bow has no shot animation

-Blaze Bow does not need to be cocked to get full shot

Project members
Lead developer
Texture designer
Release type
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
Extra_Stuff_Mod_FULLALPHA.jar - OLD VERSION!807.28 KB
Extra_Stuff_Mod-BETA1.jar - NEWEST VERSION!986.72 KB
Extra_Stuff_Mod-BETA1(Fixed recipes).jar - NEWEST VERSION! (Fixed recipe bugs)986.72 KB

Changes from version Alpha1 to version Alpha2:
-Added Bedrock Ore
-Removed unused objects
-Minor bug fixes

Changes from version Alpha2 to version Alpha3:

-Added Blue Grass Biome
-Added Purple Grass Biome
-Added Netherranium Ore & Tools
-Added new food (Chicken Nuggets)
-Added some new items & blocks (Breadcrumbs, Netherranium Block, Coal Stone)
-Texture changes
-Minor bug fixes
-Balance Updates

Changes from version Alpha3 to version Alpha3.1:

The version "Alpha3", which was released only yesterday, unfortunately contained some bugs, which we have now fixed, besides the many new changes:
-We removed the desert dimension because it was unplayable due to lag
-We removed the purple-grass biome just like the biome wasn't purple. Unfortunately, there was no way to improve on that.
-We added a Blue-Grass dimension (build a portal with Blue Wool, and light it with the Igniter)
-We adapted the Moldy Cheese
-We gave the Netherranium block a crafting recipe
-We have adapted the rarity of some biomes
-We have added some individual achievements to the game
-We renamed the block "Coal Stone" to "Coal Heap"
-We've added an Emerald Nugget to the game
-Balance Updates

Changes from version Alpha3.1 to version AlphaCompleterelease:
-We have removed all previous versions, you can only download this version
-We have added achievements
-We have added Blueranium ore
-We have added a Troll Stone Brick
-We have added some new crafting recipes
-Balance updates
-Minor bug fixes

Changes form version AlphaCompleterelease to version Beta1:

-Biom height variations adjusted
-biomes beautified, and improved
-Another biome added (Plains+)
-Rarity and spawn heights adapted for Stone Nugget Ore, Wood Nugget Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Tin Ore, Blueranium and Golden Gravel
- Punching with the blaze bow now only deals as much damage as hitting with your hand (0.5hp)
-The Coal Heap now spawns in the Overworld and the Nether
-Strawberry bushes, dirty strawberry bushes and strawberries added
- "Forbidden Potion" added
-Strawberry armor and tools added
-Cactus tools and armor added
-Corn can now be found on bushes
-Added a new archivement and created a separate tab for all archivements added by this mod
-Adjusted the saturation of the cheeseburger
-Mud block added
-Other small fixes
-Balancing updates