RLMC - Real Life Minecraft

Published by XavierMB on Mon, 02/10/2020 - 07:08
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Welcome to my rebuttal to RLCraft! This mod makes it so that the easier things in Minecraft are just a little bit harder to get to!


Challenge. You can't punch trees/blocks without tools. You can't get tools without grass and stone nearby. Have fun! For an easier use of this mod, play on a default MC map. For a harder challenge, do a flatworld (That's what I'm making this mod for).


This is a WIP mod. There will be more changes to it throughout the future. This also depends on user input (as I am the only tester).


Q: How do I know where to start and what to do?

A: There are achievements that should lead the way.


Q: What do I do after getting iron?

A: There isn't anything yet, as this is a WIP. When there is something else to do, this will be updated.


Q: Are there any recommended mods to use with this?

A: JEI or any similar mod. It will be useful in getting the recipes for items.


Q: How many players does this support?

A: Hopefully all of them, but as I have no friends, no testing has been done (I would recommend at least 2 people though).



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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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rlmc-beta.jar - Beta-10022020141.36 KB

This is the first, publically released, version of the mod. It included everything up to Iron.

Hey!! Xavier i think your mod is great and i will like to help you with it, i mean, if you want, i can help making 3d models and textures