Nightmare's mod

Submitted by apollo 11 on Mon, 06/25/2018 - 22:24
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Hello world my name is Apollo 11. this is my first mod but remastered with lots of new elements and secrets...


mostly crafting recipes...


supported Minecraft version 1.12.2

Nightmare's mod elements





1. nightmare's world

2. battel grounds

3. nightmare seas

4. eye world

5. cherry tree dimension




1. nightmare seas

2.battel biome

3. nightmare biome

4. eye biome

5. cherry tree biome

6. jerry tree biome




1. nightmare's armor

2. lightmare armor

3. nightmare armor level 1

4. nightmare armor level 2

4. nightshade cloak

5. lightmare cloak

6. Oka hide

7. Ayano Armor

8. husk hide

9. nightfear armor

10.knight armor

11. nemesis armor

12. nightmared ayano hide

13. lunar armor

14.miyuji shan nightmare armor

15. lightmare monger armor

16. endermare leather armor

17. endermare armor

18. endermare chainmail armor

19. megami nightmared hide

20. nightmared amia hide 




1. nightmare shard 

2. Mr. bill head voodoo doll

3. nightmared diamond

4. human DNA

5. nightmare DNA

6. humare DNA

7. nightmare DNA in a bottle 

8. nightmare arror infected tip


Food items


1. nightmare potion 

2. human DNA

3. Nightmared noodles 

4. Skin file SG1


Ranged items


1. night flames 

2. nightmare bow

3. nightshade shuriken 

4. nightshade grenade 

5. nightmare bow's men bow



1. nightmare ooze 



1. nightmare leaves 

2. nightmare eye

3. lost dirt 

4.nightmare log

5. nightmare planks 

6.nightmare ore

7. fnaf 1 floor 

8. nightmare lucky block

9. bendy planks 

10. nightmare generator 

11. nightmare mine eyes

12. nightmare potion block #1

13. nightmare bushes 

14. lunar ore

15. Aztec block #1

16. Aztec block #2

17. Aztec block #3

18. yandere railing #1

19. yandere railing #2

20. yandere railing #3

21. yandere railing #4

22: yandere railing #5

23. yandere railing #6

24. yandere locker

25. nightmare smooth fobble stone

26. nightmare obsidian 

27. nightmare infected code (blue)

28. nightmare fobble stone

29. yandere outside floor

30. yandere outside floor old

31. nightmare infected code (black)

32. nightmare brick 

33. nightmare blindness door trap

34. cherry tree leaves 

35. cherry tree wood log




1. nightmare staff

2. baldi's ruler 

3. lightstick 

4. granny's bat

5. nightmare sword

6. nightshade dagger

7. the BAKA sword

8. bat 

9. yandere bat

10. nightmare bat

11 bokken 

12. yandere bokken

13 nightmared bokken

14 boxcutter 

15 yandere boxcutter

16 nightmared boxcutter

17. screw driver 

18. yandere screwdriver 

19. nightmared screwdriver 



1. nightmared Alex

2. nightmared Steve

3. nightmared villager

4. nightmare minion

5. nightmare baldi

6. nightmared Mr. Bill

7. nightmared puppet (FNAF)

8. light guardian 

9. old man

10. nightmare scavenger 

11. nightmared granny 

12. nightmare TDM

13. farmer john 

14. nightmare V. 1

15 Amai Odayaka

16 Amai Odayaka nightmared 

17. Yandere-chan 

18. Yandere-chan nightmared

19. nemesis chan 

20. nemesis chan nightmared 

21. Osana Najimi

22. osamare

23. Muja Kina

24. nightmared Muja Kina

25. nightshade in cloak

26. nightmare in cloak

27. Kokona Haruka

28. Kokona Haruka nightmared 

29. Oka Ruto

30. Oka Ruto nightmared

31. Genka Kunahito

32. Genka Kunahito nightmared

33. Megami Saikou

34. Megami Saikou nightmared

35. knight human

36. 276556

37. muja kina 

38. muja kina nightmared 

39. the grime reaper (its supposed to be "grime" don't yell at me)

40. the nightfear 



no killing guidance counselor's in the halls


nightshade level one

are you a yandere?


special features!

songs that can made in survival

1.) nightmare's theme (song)

2.) electronic (song)

3.)  I rise you fall (song)

4.) have some class (song)

5.) reboot (song)

6.) jazzy cat (song)

7.) the fallens (song)

8.) shadows of blue light (song)

9.) nightmare vile (song)


1. when nightmare Steve is hit he will say "you say that now"

2. when nightmare V. 1 is hit he will say "pain? pain is just what you think"

3. when nightmare V. 1 dies he will say "OOO now that hurts"

4. when nightshade in cloak dies he will say "deal it is"

5. when yandere-chan is ambient "my only senpai oh my only senpai"

6. when yandere-chan dies she will say "he doesn't have a choice"

7. when nemesis-chan is hit she will say "the hunter has become the hunter"

8. when osamare is hit she will say "BAKA"

9. when oka ruto is hit she will say " you must have put a spell on me"

10. when the grime reaper is hit it will say "grim? ITS GRIME!"

11. when nightmare puppet is hit she will say "a rose picked to early"

12. when nightmare baldi is hit he will say "come on GET OUT WILL YOU STILL CAN"

13. when  the nightfear is ambient he will say "DEATH TO THE MORTALS!!"

14. when nightmare in cloak is ambient he will say "I know someone's their...ha ha HAAHHA"


Back Story

 Nightmare's mod was an idea that I had since I was 6 years old. Nightmare the main person of this mod is the bad guy. most of the people I make are bad guys because I am always the bad guy when  I'm playing with someone like i'm the black player in chess. one day I had a nightmare (this hints the name of the mod) I was black with a blue glow in my dream I went closer to it and then a saw a eye. and that's how I created nightmare and many other people I made (406 people I made from that dream I know right). I could not find anything to post nightmare on I was struggling about if someone could make something very similar to my idea. I tried making a movie (to much money), a book (didn't feel like it), a game (hmmm that could work). I found out about coding is involved with making a game so I decided "hmmm what could I do". I looked up Minecraft  mods. all of them used code...BUT. I saw MCreator so I pressed the link and I saw "no CODING EXPERENCE AT ALL!!) I was so happy that day. Now after No Name and the 100 dimensions won mod of the week I thought I would do coding, real coding. after that I was I used MCreator as a template for coding. that's why I have my armor in Nightmare's mod as skins. (kinda)

right now i'm working on a book called No Name The worlds end it will most likely be released late November.







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