Land HO!

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Land HO! is an extraordinary mod for Minecraft 1.6.4! It adds biomes, mobs, and more!!!


Are you bored of the plains? the Taiga? and snow? This mod adds many more biomes to minecraft!!! Including the Singing mountains, the Sheep-filled, bright green mountains! Even a biome called Sparkleland!!!


The sailors of the north have come across a glistening pink land that they called Sparkleland. When they got closer, they were beginning to think it wasn't paradise. as they got even CLOSER, they noticed that the sparkles were actually burning, jumping embers! they quickly fled. But one strange sight caught their eye, a living pink ember they called a sparkle... It led them to strange new places, including a dark blue mountain filled with monsters! an icy world with obsidian underneath! and a dead plain with charred trees and flightless ravens

Thus begins your exploration!



7 new biomes! including all the ones listed above!

5 new mobs! like the ground raven, red hen, and Sparkles!

A new plant! the zichila plant is found anywhere!break it for crystals! (crystals have no use as of now.)

4 new blocks!!! such as the active sparkle grass, and a new ore! Draconite!

New gem!!! Dragonstone! (in the future you can make tools, armor, and blocks from it)

New gun! Dead red, this gun was named from its redness and killing ability! crafted with gold ingots and redstone, uses redstone as bullets.



If you want to add great biomes, mobs, and more, get this mod! you won't regret!


This mod is in beta 0.01

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In development
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