Published by The_Pamps on Fri, 02/21/2020 - 03:20
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Welcome to Friendcraft! Adventure awaits!

New dimensions! New Ores! New Weapons! New headgear!

And most importantly;


This epic new mod adds three brand new dimensions to your Minecraft experience! Blake's woods, Lockeyland and the dank depths of the Gamer Basement! You will need to visit every world in order to get all the ingredients required to complete your quest and craft the Ultimate Key To Unlock The Path Of The Gamer! On your path to complete your quest, you will encounter many trials that will test not just your mining, but your crafting abilities too!

Mod includes:

70 new items (9 new tools, 6 new weapons, 2 new pieces of headgear, 10 new food items, 3 special keys, 2 key cutters (used to cut keys), 1 new totem and 37 new crafting ingredients!)

15 new blocks!

1 new plant!

4 new living, breathing friends for you to encounter on your journey!

To begin your epic journey, you must find the tallest of mountains, and scale it to find precious Lockmantium, which when mined, will give you a single Lockey. In order to get to Lockeyland, you will have to craft a special food item known as the ranga biscuit, using your Lockey and two wheat. Then, consume it and awaken within Lockeyland! Once there, your journey to the ultimate gamer power has begun! But in order to leave Lockeyland you will need another special food item, the apple cookie! Simply craft and apple and then combine it with two wheat to make your ticket home!

I recommend using JEI to get all the crafting recipes.

Note: Due to the size of the mod I am unable to upload it here, to play it please use the CurseForge link:

Modification files - Link to curseforge192 bytes