Published by DSLT on Fri, 03/20/2020 - 15:37
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Minecraft Forge mod
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 New awsome RPG mod for Minecraft! It's RPGoose!

This modification contains:

-14 new advancements;

-3 common weapons and 7 legendary swords: Nidhogg, Vector, Lolipop, Excalibur, Amber, Universe, Darkness;

-20 new foods;

-A lot of materials;

-New ore - Rainbow ore.

-Unique value - Goosels!

This mod still in beta and only YOU can help me and give me ideas.

Those people who will give me ideas I will thank personally and mark them in the modification.

Modification files

Add a goose in the mod and when you kill it you get raw goose meat and you can cook it and have cooked goose meat.