Glitch Mobs

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Glitch Mod is a mod that adds these "glitches" to the game. it adds these mobs that are consisted of random textures, each with their own specific drop (listed below). The mod puts all these mobs in a rare new biome, called "Glitch". the glitch biome is very, well, interesting. the mod also adds a set of new armor crafted using glitches, and glitches are crafted using 5 glitched energy. more recipes lower down in the desc.

The mobs and their drops are listed below.

Glitched skeletons - far left - drops "pulse blaster"

Glitched zombies - middle left - drops "glitched energy"

Glitched creepers - middle right - drops "glitched gunpowder"

Glitchy Golems -  far right - drops "stable ring"



Glitch armor - crafted like normal armor, but with "glitches"

Glitch - crafted using 5 "glitched energy"

Pulse charge - crafted using 3 "glitched energy" - ammo of the pulse blaster and stable ring

Glitched TNT - crafted like a regular TNT, but with "glitched gunpowder" - blows up immediately when placed - drops when explodes/multiple use

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