Fortified Armors Mod

Published by LajteR on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 15:22
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 "Fortified Armors Mod" is separated mod part from my main mod called "StexCraft".

Mod includes 3 armors and few recipes.

+Fortified Iron Armor

Head:  2 Armor    1 Toughness   297 Durability  10 Enchantability

Body:  7 Armor    1 Toughness   432 Durability   10 Enchantability

Legs:  6 Armor    1 Toughness   405 Durability    10 Enchantability

Feets: 2 Armor    1 Toughness   351 Durability    10 Enchantability

Crafting:Combine two armor pieces iron and chainmail with leather(1 Leather for helmet and boots, 2 Leather for chestplate and leggins).

Better version of iron armor, requires leather so it might be more difficult to obtain it in a first minutes of the game compared to iron armor

Repaired with Iron Ingots


+Obsidian Armor

Head:  2 Armor    0.3 Toughness   1089 Durability    22 Enchantability

Body:  6 Armor    0.3 Toughness   1584 Durability    22 Enchantability

Legs:  4 Armor    0.3 Toughness   1485 Durability    22 Enchantability

Feets: 2 Armor    0.3 Toughness   1287 Durability    22 Enchantability

Crafting:Similar crafting shape to normal armor crafted with obsidian and needs additional iron block in the middle(Middle top for Chestplate).

High durability makes so your armor is very hard to brake during its also good if you don't want to lose your enchants.

Repaired with Obsidian


+Woolen Robes

Head:  1 Armor    0 Toughness   253 Durability    100 Enchantability

Body:  4 Armor    0 Toughness   368 Durability    100 Enchantability

Legs:  3 Armor     0 Toughness   345 Durability    100 Enchantability

Feets:  1 Armor    0 Toughness   299 Durability    100 Enchantability

Crafting:Similar crafting shape to normal armor crafted with wool and rabbit hide at the sides(middle left, middle right) .

Armor is very effective in enchanting, Low level of enchants give awesome enchantments.

Repaired with Strings


+Chainmail Crafting recipe

Chainmail can be crafted with iron bars which makes it a cheaper alternative for iron armor.

For example with 6 iron ingots you can make chainmail helmet, leggings, boots(7 Armor in total) vs iron helmet that gives 2 armor.

or 18 iron ingots for 2 full armor sets for you and your friend.

Chainmail is better in early game but lacks in durability and armor value when compared to iron armor.



Can be added in the future

☼Crystal Armor

☼Prismarine Plate Armor

☼Steel Armor

☼Iron Bucket as a helmet




☼Automatic Crossbow

☼Steel Drill


PS: by accident i made this mod for Mc version 1.14.4 so it sucks a little bit. I will need to remake it for 1.12.2.

Modification files
FortifiedArmorsMod_1.0.1_1.14.4.jar - First mod release. for 1.14.469.57 KB