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Minecraft Forge mod
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I develop this mod with fun and love to the Anime "Sword Art Online" SAO, I can´t promise that my updates will be persistent or even if I'm still developing this mod after a year. But I want to give it a shot and share it with you.


►Skill System

►Mobs with custom models

►Boss Mobs

►NPC´s with custom models

►Dungeons Floors





►Crafting Items

►SCO Dimension

► And More!

This Description will be updated!

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes.


Modification files
Dev_build_0.1.jar - Dev_Build_0.15.05 MB
Dev_build_0.2.jar - Dev_Build_0.25.12 MB


Version 0.2 Dev_Build
  • Added creature Asuna
  • Added creature Agil
  • Added creature Klein
  • Added creature Skeleton-Warrior
  • Added creature LaughingCoffin
  • Added Healing Potion
  • Added Healing Crystal
  • Added RagoutMeat
  • Added RawRagoutMeat
  • Added Crystallite
  • Added Crystallite Ingot
  • Added Crystallite natural spawning

Version 0.1 Dev_Build
  • Added Butter item.
  • Added BlackBread.
  • Added ButteredBlackBread.
  • Added ButteredBlackBread Recipe.
  • Added Song "Gracefully".
  • Added Song "Freya".
  • Added Welcome Advancement.

What does it have to offer as of now? The file is 5mb so atleast you got something to show