E.X. Biomes Mod!

Published by CorbCat13 on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 18:17
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Hello MCreator Community, and happy halloween! Today on this spooky holiday, I thought that this would be the perfect time to release EX Biomes Mod 2.0. Here is a short description of what this mod brings.

To start off this short description, I better tell you about its two main biomes. The first one is the Creeping Biome. This biomes blocks will stop at nothing to corrupt the whole Overworld, and will even corrupt your homes and neighbor biomes! No one is safe from this unholy biome.

Except for one place: The Hallow (or the Holy Biome). This biome is the only biome that's blocks are pure enough to withstand the power of the Creeping Biome. It's so pure, that even its Mobs are nice!

Although you will have to kill some of them to get the ultimate weapon called the Hero Sword. This sword can kill any mob, boss, or player for that matter, with only one hit! But it is very fragile and brakes after you use it to slay your enemy. Use its power wisely and well. But the recipe will take a long time to make. To create it you will need to find the biomes themselves and mine for the ores beneath them. Once you have gotten a decent amount, you must craft the ingots. I believe that diamonds and scute will help you find your way to this epic weapon. To craft some of the ingots, you must find the hallowed shack in the hallowed biome. There is an upgrade station called the purifier. 

This is the recipie for some of the ingots.

The entity that lives there can also trade with you. If you would like to know the trades, just ask in the forum. There is also a structure in the Creeping Biome called the Creeping Outpost. There, Creepologers spawn and the Creeping Golem miniboss lies on the top floor. But be well prepared before you adventure there.

2.0 is officially released! Other than the first update, this has been the biggest update yet. I am so excited that it is finally released, and I hope that everyone who downloads it likes it as much as I do. If there is any bugs, please report it to me here. The 2.1 bugfix will be coming out in a little while. Please enjoy!

Keep making mods!



1.0: Added Creeping Biome and the Hallow, added Blue Creeper and Hallowed Creeper, added all 1.0 items.

1.1: Bugfix, added new items.

1.2: Hotfix, added new mobs, added creeping golem, added new items.

2.0: Added Creeping Outpost, Hallowed Shack, and all 2.0 items.

If anyone would like a forum where they can post bugs and/or questions, please comment here and let me know so that everyone isn't blowing up this thing.