E.X. Biomes Mod!!!!!

Published by CorbCat13 on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 18:17
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Yes, I have just released 1.1. But only because I am having some technical difficulties with my mod, and someone needs to see it. Please stand by as I try to fix this. Nothing is wrong with the mod itself, so you can download it and play it just fine, but there may be a bug or two. 


Hello MCreator Community! After months of hard work, I have finally made my first mod! This mod brings to you two different biomes each with their own creeper and ores. I recommend this mod to everyone out there that loves adventuring and battling mobs (Although the Crystal Dragon is still in development -_-). Here are some things that this mod brings:

The first biome that is in this mod is the Creeping Biome. These biomes blocks will stop at nothing to corrupt the whole Overworld, and will even corrupt your homes and neighbor biomes! No one is safe from this unholy biome.

Except for one place: The Hallow (or the Holy Biome). This biome is the only biome that's blocks are pure enough to withstand the power of the Creeping Biome. It's so pure, that even its Mobs are nice! 

Although you will have to kill some of them to get the ultimate weapon called the Hero Sword. This sword can kill any mob, boss, or player for that matter, with only one hit! But it is very fragile and brakes after you use it to slay your enemy. Use its power wisely and well. But the recipe will take a long time to make. I believe that diamonds and scute will help you find your way to this epic weapon.

This mod is only 1.0, meaning that I will be releasing 1.1 and 1.2 hopefully soon. 1.1 will be a hotfix and 1.2 will release the second half of 1.0. I can't make any promises, but Covid-19 has given me a lot of time to work on this. These next two updates will bring you bug fixes and new items, mobs, and bosses to each of the biomes. But I won't stop there. Soon after will come 2.0, releasing new biomes, mobs, items, and maybe a dimension if I'm feeling up to it. ;)

Please report any bugs to me here and I will do my best to fix them. Again, this is my first mod, so please support me and don't hate if there are any big bugs or annoying things. And I'm sorry if there is to little to this mod for you to like. If so, just wait a little while and 1.2 will come out. At this point I would recommend fiddling around with the mobs, biomes, and items in creative mode, but please do not let that stop you from playing in Survival! I assure you that I am working my hardest to fully update 1.0 to its full version. You may consider this as of a preview of what the mod will bring. I really hope that everyone who downloads it likes it as much as I do!

Keep making mods!


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1.0: Added Creeping Biome and the Hallow, added Blue Creeper and Hallowed Creeper, added all 1.0 items.



If anyone would like a forum where they can post bugs and/or questions, please comment here and let me know so that everyone isn't blowing up this thing.